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Shinde camp denies allegation of paid crowd on Dussehra rally

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Dussehra rally paid crowd shiv sena
Image: Akshay Redij / Afternoon Voice

This year, Shiv Sena’s Dussehra Melava (Dussehra rally) organised by both Thackeray and the Shinde faction. After the Bombay High Court permitted Thackeray faction to organise an event at Shivaji Park, the Shinde camp organised their Dussehra rally at BKC ground, Mumbai.

After the party was divided into two groups, both factions fought in court over the party symbol and the historical Shivaji park ground for the rally. However, the Supreme Court gave orders to the Election Commission of India (ECI) to take a decision on the party symbol. The Bombay high court decides to allow Uddhav Thackeray’s faction to organise the Dussehra rally event.

To organise the event, both camps started preparations to make the event successful. Almost 4,000 state transport buses and private vehicles were booked for supporters to attend the rally by Shinde Camp. Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik organised at least 2.5 lac food packets at the BKC ground. MLA’s arranged the transportation and food for supporters of their constituency to reach Mumbai.

However, the videos gone viral of the supporters show in some media reports that they don’t know about the event. It seems they are not aware of the Dussehra Rally and the leaders of the party, as per media reports.

The Opposition and Shiv Sena Thackeray camp mocked Shinde’s camp, dubbing them the “Paid and Fake crowd.” Furthermore, the Shinde camp denies the video and calls it propaganda intended to defame the party.

Dada Bhuse, Minister of Ports and Mining, Maharashtra State, told Afternoon Voice, “I don’t deny those videos, but what is wrong if 1% of people among 2 lacs don’t know about the event? I don’t see anything wrong with that. “

Shiv Sena MLA Bhavana Gavali said, “This clip might be purposely made to show the negative of our rally and defame us.”

Shiv sena MLA Sada Sarvankar said to Afternoon Voice, “We went to the rally to listen to the thoughts of Hindutva. I didn’t see any video or any person who doesn’t know about the rally. “

Sheetal Mhatre, Spokesperson of Shiv Sena, stated, “People came from remote parts of Maharashtra to witness the event. These things happen while organising the big events. “

The Thackeray faction alleges that the Shinde faction spent 10 crore rupees to arrange the crowd.

Sheetal Mhatre denied the allegations and said, “Give us the proof that we spent that much money. They don’t have any work to do. That’s why they are alleging baselessly.”

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