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Shiv Sena dares Centre to start land acquisition from J&K

Taking a jibe at central government over the contentious Land Bill, NDA constituent Shiv Sena on Thursday dared it start land acquisition from Jammu and Kashmir.

The party said the central government had made the bill a prestige issue and while it can take away land from farmers elsewhere in the country ignoring their pleas, it cannot show the “same courage” in Jammu and Kashmir due to Article 370.

“The central government has made it clear in Parliament that its pet Bill, the Land Acquisition Bill will be applicable all over the country except Jammu and Kashmir.”

“While the government gave this information, its chest might have swelled with pride but for the people of this country it has sunk after hearing this,” the Sena said in its editorial mouthpiece Saamana.

The Sena said that Jammu and Kashmir needs development the most and claimed that Article 370 of the Constitution prevents any development from taking place in the region.

“The government’s fight to get the Land Acquisition Bill cleared is a prestige issue now. But development of roads, hospitals, industries, is needed the most in Jammu Kashmir. But, according to Article 370 of the Constitution, nobody from outside the state can even buy an inch of land there,” the Sena said.

While abrogation of Article 370 has been one of the core issues for BJP, it has been sidelined by the party in recent months as it joined hands with PDP to form government in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Sena said that Jammu and Kashmir is treated like a country of its own.

“This shows that the government cannot show the same courage in Jammu and Kashmir as it is showing to usurp land for the Jaitapur nuclear power project in Maharashtra and that it can only take away lands of farmers turning a deaf ear to their pleas,” it said.

“If you want to start Land Acquisition, start it from Jammu and Kashmir. But the government pleads helplessness then. It shows that even if the state is on the map of India, the country’s laws are not applicable there,” the Sena said.

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