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Shocking video of bullying at Delhi school goes viral

A video of a student being bullied by a bunch of his schoolmates in a Delhi school has shocked parents who have demanded strict action against the boys.

In the video, that has gone viral on mobile messaging application WhatsApp, the two Class 6 students are seen hurling abuses at another boy, apparently from Class 7, while two others encourage them. The video was shot on Monday by a student on his cellphone, despite the gadget being banned for students within the school premises.

The school management said appropriate action had been taken against the children “while keeping in mind that these were young kids and their future should not be ruined.”

While school officials aren’t saying what action has been taken, sources within the school told that the two boys who were most aggressive have left the school.

The school management, which will be holding a meeting of its parent body tomorrow, has received several emails and SMSes from concerned parents about the incident while also asking how so many of these kids were carrying cellphones.

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