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Six arrested for stalking and harassing women in car in Bengaluru

In a swift action, police have arrested six persons for allegedly stalking and harassing five women sitting in a car in the heart of the city within two days after the incident which was caught on camera.

The incident happened on Saturday around 11.30 PM when the women on a weekend outing stopped their car near an ice cream parlour on MG Road and found to their shock unidentified men trying to open the doors of their vehicle with their screams for help going unnoticed.

Three of the arrested were residents of the city and the other three from Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru Police Commissioner M N Reddi said.

“It is learnt that these individuals had come to MG Road casually, but they indulged in stalking of these women, going closer to the car and even attempting to force open the door that resulted in panic and fear in the minds of the women,” he added.

“We are yet to look into criminal background of these individuals, but they have confessed to what they have done..,” he said.

Reddi said the accused had been identified based on the available evidence provided by the complainant “as well as the case as a whole and they have confessed…..Police have got conclusive evidence.”

A case was registered under Sec 354D (stalking) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of Indian Penal Code based on a complaint by one of the women, he said.

Investigation was taken up rapidly and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Bangalore Central) and his team were tasked to detect the case. The incident had created some amount of fear and sense of insecurity in the minds of women and public at large in the city, Reddi said.

“I’m extremely happy that within 48 hours of the registration of the case, our team has detected the case arrested the accused persons, they have been interrogated,” he said.

In their complaint, the women had said that as they were seated inside waiting for their driver who had gone to pick up ice cream for them, the men stared at them, stood around the vehicle and tried to open the doors. As they raised an alarm by screaming for help and honking, the men fled from the spot.

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