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Small time journalists joining AAP

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Small-time-journalistsThe AAP party which was formed with an intention to cleanse the political system of India has attracted people from all walks of life from business to the common man. Last month when AAP started holding a party registration drive across the country many people joined it. Even journalists too have jumped on the AAP party bandwagon. Journalists who already are aware about the political scenario prevailing in the country has joined the party for transforming the country by eliminating corruption. Small time-journalists are also joining the party. Many of them feel that AAP party can directly connect with the masses and resolve their problems. They are impressed with party’s style of functioning where the common man is given more importance and decisions are not taken in the closed-door meetings. People are already fed up of the corruption and want to take an initiative to curb this issue which is considered as a social evil.

In past, several eminent journalists have joined the Aam Aadmi Party. Few eyebrows were raised when Ashutosh Managing Editor of IBN 7 had joined the Aam Aadmi Party. Ashutosh is not the first journalist to shift to join the political party. Manish Sisodia, Shazia Ilmi and Rakhi Birla have earlier switched from media to AAP. Abhinandan Sekhri, the co-founder of eminent portal website Newslaundry and also a journalist joined AAP. Sisodia and Birla were ministers in the AAP government at Delhi while Ilmi is a member of the AAP national executive and Abhinandan sekhri is a committee member.

AV contacted several journalists who have joined AAP. Many journalists refused to comment about their decision to join the party as it may lead to conflict of interest.

Chandan Pawar a journalist employed with a weekly Magazine joined AAP and is keen to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election from Dhule Constituency.

When AV asked Chandan Pawar why many journalists are joining AAP he replied, “Being a journalist, I am aware that AAP is the only party which is honest. This party will transform the society hence I wanted to join it. AAP will eliminate corruption from our society. Other parties are only interested in indulging in politics while AAP’s objective is to work for the welfare of the people.”

Mayank Gandhi, AAP’s national executive member said, “Everyone is aware that AAP party works for the welfare of the common man. Even journalists are interested in joining the party. Hence we are inviting journalists and people working in other fields to join the party.”

Sources from the Maharashtra state Aam Aadmi Party on the condition of anonymity said, “Many journalists are in contact with AAP. They are keen to join the party.”

“Eminent journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai an eminent journalist is likely to join Aam Aadmi Party”, sources informed.

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