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Sonia didn’t want to sacrifice Rahul by naming as PM candidate: Narendra Modi

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Modi-led-BJPBJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed the BJP National Council meet at Delhi and launched an attack on the Congress for not naming party vice president Rahul Gandhi as its PM candidate in the recent AICC meet. Modi said that Congress president Sonia Gandhi didn’t want to sacrifice her son by nominating Rahul as the PM candidate as the the party’s defeat is imminent in the Lok Sabha polls due in May. “When defeat is imminent which mother will sacrifice her son,” Modi asked.

Taking a dig at Rahul, Modi said that the Congress party members came to the AIIC meet to hear the name of their PM candidate nominee instead got three additional cylinders. In his speech, Modi pointed out that when Congress MPs elected Sonia Gandhi to be the Prime Minister but she instead nominated Manmohan Singh for the top job. Questioning the Congress of following its tradition of naming the PM candidate, Modi said that a person for the PM post should be elected by the MPs.

Modi also commented on Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s tea vendor remark saying that the dynasty doesn’t want to stoop to a level where it has to contest against a tea vendor coming from a backward strata as they have “feudal mindset”.

Continuing his attack on the Congress, Modi said that the nation has not seen such a worst state as it has seen in the last decade of UPA rule. “Farmers are committing suicides, women are concerned for their safety, a child sleep hungry in the night,” he said.

“Since the freedom, there have been many elections, but from the time of the BJP we have the experience of working, and if we look at all the elections so far, the upcoming 2014 General Election is going to be different,” he said while indirectly pointing that their anger against the Congress party.

Modi touched on the issue of good governance, and said that good governance is not for the rich but for poor, backward and the oppressed. “We will give you good governance and good governance is not be for the rich and prosperous but the Dalits, poor and the oppressed. Good governance should go beyond doles and focus on development and delivery,” he said.

Talking about the suffering farmers of the country, Modi said that our agriculture should be preserved and we should have the intent to save it. “They believe money doesn’t go on trees. We believe it grows in farms and is the result of labour,” Modi said.

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