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Sonia’s ‘devotion’ has made Rahul the ‘spoilt child of Indian politics’: BJP

In a scathing counter attack on the Congress after it questioned Prime Minister’s tears for his mother, the BJP on Monday dubbed Sonia Gandhi as a doting mother who spoilt her son, Rahul Gandhi.

“Judging by the Congress’ reaction to the Prime Minister’s superb visit, which is still underway, it seems the Congress has become the voice of untruth, malice and utter frustration,” BJP spokesperson MJ Akbar said.

“It seems to have become a party trapped in an inept leadership which is unable to bear the site of India’s Prime Minister raising the prestige and prosperity of the nation,” he said.

“Their frustration is also evident in the huge positive response that Prime Minister has generated from the giants of intellect and innovation; from the leaders of the future who can see another leader of future in their midst,” Akbar said.

“It is perhaps both significant and revealing that the Congress chose to get personal in an extremely appalling manner.”

Attacking the first family of the Congress, Akbar said, “The Prime Minister is devoted to his mother, he touched her feet after the election victory. This is in quote contrast to the Congress where a mother has ruined the party and is trying to ruin the nation by her utter devotion to her completely inept son.”

“It is this doting behaviour which has made Rahul Gandhi into the spoilt child of Indian politics. Instated of hiding underground somehow in the US and posting highly nebulous pictures of some alleged conference it might have been a better idea if Shri Rahul Gandhi had come out and explained what he is doing, unless, off course, he is enjoying an undeserved holiday,” he said.

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