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Soon an ‘e-challan system’ for traffic offenders in Mumbai

In order to reduce malpractices and establishment costs, the Maharashtra Transport department will soon launch an ‘e-challan system,’ where traditional methods of paying cash will be shunned and traffic offenders will be asked to swipe their credit or debit cards for the purpose.

According to Maharashtra Transport minister Diwakar Raote, the scheme will be launched in Mumbai from January itself and will be fully operational in the mega-polis in another six month’s time.

mumbai traffic police“We have had meetings with police officials for the purpose and swipe machines are being procured. We will slowly reduce the handling of cash by traffic constables. Generally, it is seen that to reduce paying the full penalty, people pay a lesser amount of cash, do not take vouchers and get away,”

“Also, when a traffic violator pays the fine and takes the voucher, handling the money has its own costs. The money has to be submitted to the cashier who then has to count it before depositing it in banks. All these operations are lengthy and require money and manpower. With the e-challan system’ this can be reduced,” the Minister said.

Raote said that the money saved by the department will be utilised for other development purposes.

“The scheme will be launched this month itself and in about six months, we hope that the scheme will be fully operational in Mumbai,” Raote said.

According to an official from the Transport department, around 1000 e-challan machines will be handed over to the traffic constables in the first phase of the scheme.

“This will not only reduce corruption in the department, but will also help the police identify repeat traffic offenders,” he added.

He further said that those who are not carrying credit or debit cards when caught breaking a traffic rule, will be given a 15-day window to pay the fines through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT).

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