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South Korea: Samsung, LG Display unveil OLED products at IMID 2022

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Image: ANI | Samsung Display’s booth in IMID 2022

Samsung Display and LG Display [034220] participated in the “IMID 2022,” an international meeting on information display held in BEXCO, Busan, for 4 days from August 23 to introduce their new OLED products.

Samsung Display said Wednesday it unveiled OLED panels for 77-inch TVs for the first time. Samsung Display, which started the mass-production of large OLED panels last year, released OLED panels for 34-inch monitors and 65, 55-inch TVs early this year, and unveiled 77-inch TV panels this time.

Samsung Display is currently supplying OLED TV panels to Samsung Electronics [005930] and Sony. So it is predicted that Samsung Electronics will expand its OLED TV lineup to 77-inch model following 65 and 55-inch models.

In addition, Samsung Display introduced advanced OLED panels “Flex S” that can be folded in and out in an “S” shape, “Flex G” that folds inside twice in a “G” shape, and foldable OLEDs for gaming devices.

At the IMID 2022, Samsung Display also presented some 70 papers on display technologies such as foldable OLEDs. LG Display also presented some 10 papers on advanced display technologies such as large OLEDs.

LG Display unveiled OLED.EX technology that is applied to OLED TV panels released this year at the meeting.

The new OLED.EX TV panels are applied with heavy hydrogen technology and personalization algorithms to increase display brightness by 30 per cent and improve color expression, the company said.

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