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Spiritual organisation’s initiative towards a social cause

The followers of organization named Jagatguru Narendracharya Maharaj Trust are celebrating their spiritual master’s 50th birthday in a unique way this year. Keeping in mind its 50th birthday the followers have decided to donate everything in 50’s. They have not just decided to donate the 50,000 blood bottles to the Indian defence organizations but also to donate 50,000 deadbodies post the natural death to medical institutions across the country.

The followers of His Holiness (HH) Narendracharya fondly known as Swamiji are celebrating their master’s birthday on 21 October by supporting one of the government’s policies where plenty of medical institutions pan India are in need of dead bodies for study purpose. Government too is urging people to donate deadbodies of their relatives post the natural death so that organs can be donated as well as bodies can be used for study purposes by medical institutions.

Sandeep Mestry one of the follower, said, “Our organization has decided to support the cause of providing deadbodies to medical institutions. More than 50,000 devotees of HH Swamiji registered themselves to donate their own body post death and still devotees are enrolling themselves. This activity will go on till October 2016.”

Blood donation camps in Maharashtra are arranged by trust between July and September month. Till now in Mumbai’s blood donation camp 500 bottles on each camp were donated. Next camps are scheduled on 21st and 28th August and 18th September for Mumbai base at INHS Asvini Hospital Mumbai. Also the uniqueness of the blood donation camp is that it is held in batches to support the defense system and to avoid the spillage. Moreover, organization has separate online and on-call set up to meet the requirements for the blood during emergency called “Blood In Need”.  It’s a platform where people can call on the number 9619171004 for the blood and organization makes the suitable blood donors available in the same hospital where the patient is admitted.

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