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Stampede at Navy recruitment drive in Malad, many feared injured


Unruly scenes were witnessed during a Navy recruitment drive on Friday as security personnel were unable to control the large number of aspirants who turned up at the camp.

“There was a recruitment rally at INS Hamla, Malad, this morning for senior secondary recruits. We were expecting a good response from volunteers,” an official said.

“The response was overwhelming and crowd control created a bit of confusion in the early hours today, which was subsequently handled very efficiently by the local police and Navy officials,” he said.

“The recruitment drive is going on smoothly now,” the official added.

Around 6,000 candidates showed up at the drive instead of the expected 4,000 which caused chaos.

However, many recruits who were present for the drive have claimed that the required percentage for giving the exams were pushed from 50 per cent to 60 per cent after the numbers of men increased, which caused them to voice their concerns.

The Indian Navy spokesperson stated that there was a recruitment rally at INS Hamla Malad for Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR). But due to the overwhelming response, it became difficult to control the crowd initially.

However, local police and Navy officials quickly took charge of the situation and brought the crowd under control.

The police has firmly denied charges of the use of batons on the recruits as a measure to control the situation.

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