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Std XII Chemistry paper cancelled again after leaked in Karnataka, Students protest

Several students and their parents have launched protests across Karnataka after class 12 Chemistry papers were leaked once again. The move forced the board to postpone the pre-university course examination for the second time in last 10 days.

Std XII Chemistry paper leaked in Karnataka-AV

Last week, the Chemistry exam was postponed as the papers were leaked and the Board found out about it only after the exams were conducted on March 21.

Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) officials have advised students against going to the examination centres.

Pallavi Akurthi, director of DPUE, said that on March 31, police alerted her about the leakage of chemistry re-exam’s question paper around 3am on March 31 by sending three sets of hand written question papers through Whatsapp, of which one question paper matched with the original question paper.

The CID officials reportedly said that the leak was detected in two places across the State. The department officials refused to divulge any further details on the leak and said that the date for the next re-examination is yet to be decided.

She said “Unfortunately question paper has leaked for the second time. We will announce the new dates to conduct chemistry re-exam without any glitches soon.”

Several angry students and parents staged protest on Thursday over repeated 12th standard question paper leak and demanded the resgination of Education Minister K. Ratnakar.

The students and their parents staged a protest outside the Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) and pelted stones at the PUC building.

“They once again want us to write the examination. Still, the paper got leaked. We asked whether these papers would also get leaked. They assured us saying no such things will happen. Then, why has this happened?” asked one of the students.

Another angry student staging the protest said they demanded justice and alleged the Education Ministry of ruining the students’ future.

“When you put a re-exam, can’t you protect a single question paper? What is the chance that even the third question paper won’t leak? We want them to correct the first question paper. We are not going to write any more re-examination,” she said.

The parents also expressed anguish over the repeated 12th standard question paper leak.

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