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Suicides decline in Mumbai

Mumbaikars are coping with depression by seeking medical assistance and undergoing counselling.


As per an RTI query filed by Pune based activist Vihar Durve it has been revealed that there has been a sharp decline in the number of suicides reported in Mumbai since last three years. In 2013, total 1,322 people committed suicide in Mumbai, while the number went down to 1,196 in 2014, and further slipped to 1,122 in 2015. The tragic suicide of Pratyusha Banerjee might have shocked telly world but falling suicide rates show that Mumbaikars are showing resilence when it comes to overcoming depression. People can become depressed due to job loss, failed relationship, divorce, unemployment, poor health etc. However, today people are coping with depression by speaking about it and undergoing counselling.

Dhananjay Kulkarni-AVAttributing this trend to the “fighting spirit” of the people in the city, Mumbai police spokesperson, DCP (Detection) Dhananjay Kulkarni said, “Its nice to see that Mumbaikars are showing their character as fighter, than being a quitter.”

He said, “I would say that people are becoming self-motivated and reliant, apart from the fact that they have become much more aware about the ups and downs of the life by availing timely counselling (at counselling centres), thanks to the efforts taken by various groups.”

Dr-YA-Matcheswalla-AVDr Y A Matcheswalla, a psychiatrist in Mumbai, said the main reason for committing suicide is depression, and now people have started acknowledging that it can be cured.

“Timely diagnosis and treatment is now playing a crucial role in stopping suicidal tendencies among people,” he said.

Sushil Seth a Kandivali resident said, “Falling suicide rates show that today Mumbaikars are more aware about depression and many of them are coming forward to seek medical help.”

Sathish Rohankar a Borivali resident said, “Earlier depression was considered as taboo and people used to feel uneasy while speaking about it. However, today even celebrities are coming forward to speak about how they had overcome depression.”

Ravi Kumar a Malad resident, “The modern life has become very stressful and demanding. Today people are competing with each other for getting better marks, jobs as they fail to enjoy their lives. Every individual is judged on the salary package drawn by him which needs to be stopped. People should opt out of the rat race and enjoy small things life has to offer.”

The reply furnished by Mumbai police also said that more males committed suicide than the females between 2013 and 2015.  In the last three calender years, total 2,304 males committed suicide, while 1,336 females ended their lives in the city during the same time. The reply also mentions that during these three years, total 334 students committed suicide, including 185 males and 149 females, in the mega-city.

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