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#SuitcaseTrend – Three incidents in as many as 2 days

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#SuitcaseTrend in Mumbai Mahim Panvel Thane,Mahim Suitcase,Mahim,Chopped body,Mahim Crime, Stuffed in Suitcase,Suitcase,#SuitcaseTrend, #Suitcase,Mahim,Panvel,Thane,TitwalaThe #SuitcaseTrend, sounds something interesting, right? However, the incidents that have happened in Mumbai and its adjoining areas are indeed spine-chilling crimes. Within 48 hours, the police have registered three cases related to dead bodies found in suitcases. As per a report, in the past two days, the police have received calls from different, locations of the city about the same kind of crime (body found in suitcases). All these incidents are both shocking as well as brutal.

List of incidents:


An unidentified decomposed body of a man who would be around 35 year old was found inside a rexine suitcase near a stream that lies between Harigram and Panvel.

According to police, the incident came to light when a tribal boy, who had gone to catch crabs from the river, spotted a hand hanging out of a suitcase. The curious boy then called the Panvel police and informed them about the bag. On receiving the phone, the police immediately rushed to the spot and saw the decomposed body of a man inside the bag.

The senior police inspector Ashok Rajput of the Panvel police station said, “The suitcase was found in the bushes just seven feet below the road and a few feet above the river. This particular area is less frequented by people. The incident came to light when a local boy, who had gone to the river to catch crabs, noticed the suitcase. He informed the police about the incident.”

The police feel that the suitcase might have been thrown out from a moving vehicle as it was found among the bushes. Currently, the police have registered a case against an unknown person. Further information in this matter is awaited.


A-47-year-old man has been arrested by the police for allegedly killing and chopping the body of his
22-year-old daughter in Thane. As per the police report, the accused identified as Arvind Tiwari after killing his daughter, chopped the body and stuffed it into a suitcase. With the suitcase in his hand, Tiwari boarded a rickshaw. Getting a little curious, the driver asked Tiwari as to what he was carrying in the suitcase as it was emitting foul smell. Hearing this, the accused panicked and fled the scene leaving the suitcase behind. After that, the driver opened the suitcase and found the chopped body parts of the woman. Following this, he informed the police about it.

It is reported that, only the bottom part of the lady’s body was recovered. The body was chopped into three parts to fit into the suitcase.

The Kalyan police started the investigating the case with the help of a CCTV camera which is installed near the Kalyan railway station from where the accused had fled. The footage was recovered from Titwala railway station from where he boarded the train with the suitcase. The CCTV footage also showed the area from where the accused had boarded the rickshaw. And with the help of the CCTV footage, the police arrested the accused.

During the interrogation, the accused confessed to the crime. The accused admitted that the deceased was his daughter whose body he had chopped. According to the police, the accused killed the daughter as she was in relationship with a man of whom he disapproved. And this led to an altercation between him and his daughter and in fit of rage, he killed her.

Reportedly, the accused’s daughter had come from her native place in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh  four months ago after completing her graduation. The accused and deceased stayed in Titwala while his four daughters and wife stayed in Jaunpur. The deceased Princey worked in a Bhandup-based private firm as a clerk. The accused said that despite repeated warnings, when his daughter did not listen to him, he killed her.


Last Saturday, the Mumbai police arrested a teen and her boyfriend for killing and chopping a guitarist and stuffed his body in suitcase. After killing the man they threw the suitcase in a river.

Earlier on December 3, the police had recovered the suitcase that carried the body of the same man from Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah in Mahim. Then they found the man’s leg, a hand and mutilated private part inside. Following this, police had started their investigation. Police on Tuesday recovered a suitcase from Mithi river in BKC area containing a limb and an arm of Benett Rebello.

The body of the deceased was covered with sweater inside the suitcase and that became a clue for the police in solving the gruesome crime. The sweater was stitched at a shop in Kurla called ALMO Men’s Wear. From there, the police found a receipt in the name of one Bennett and finally reached the accused.

Reportedly, the accused identified as Aradhya Jitendra Patil and her 16-year-old boyfriend killed Bennett Rebello on November 27 at his house at Dwarka Kunj in Vakola. They killed the 59-year-old man with a knife and bamboo stick.

The police said that the girl was adopted by Rebello. The girl and her boyfriend have alleged that Rebello had sexually assaulted her and opposed their relationship as the boy was younger than her.

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