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Summer vacation wasted by students – blame it on Gadgets

Many of them are glued to their gadgets and are not interested in learning new skills during summer holidays.

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Summer vacation has started in the city as parents are expecting their children to enrol for some short-term courses, painting, sketching and learning swimming. They also want their wards to venture outside and play. However, children these days have become so addicted to mobile phones that they seldom think about going out to play. Many of them are glued to the latest gadgets as they surf web and watch movies. Some of them are hooked to social networking sites and apps to remain connected with their friends. Summer vacation was once seen as a period to learn some new vocation and skills. However, children of the present generation are overly smart, extremely restless & active. They spend their free time in front of the T.V. or are constantly exposed to smartphones.  Therefore, parents are worried that their children may not be able to learn new skills during this period.

A recent study reports that excess use of smartphone and other devices may lead to attention, behaviour and self-regulation problems for adolescents already at risk for mental health issues.

The more time your toddler spends using smartphones, tablets or other screen devices, the more he or she is likely to begin talking later, another research revealed.

The study showed that for each 30-minute increase in hand-held screen time, there was a 49 per cent increased risk of expressive speech delay.

Ruckvi Mehta a Borivali resident, “My daughter is always glued to the gadgets and is wasting her summer holidays. She could have instead taken this opportunity to learn a new language, which would enable her to survive in this competitive world. “

P Samiksha a homemaker from Dahisar said, “Today there are lots of activities which are available for students to develop their skills. My neighbour’s daughter had joined dance classes and I too wanted by son to enrol for these classes. But he has become a mobile addict and wants to spend more time in the virtual world.”

Ashwini Singh a Kandivali resident said, “I was planning to enrol my son to swimming classes but he is not interested. He spends most of his time indoors and doesn’t want to venture out. He often says that it is hot outside and instead chose to stay in the house.”

Ramesh Deshpande an accountant from Borivali said, “I want my son to join karate classes during summer vacation but he is not interested to learn new skills. Children today have become so engrossed in online activities that they don’t want to develop their skills. During our childhood days we used to join gym and pay attention to fitness activities. On the other hand, children today are adopting a sedentary lifestyle which is harmful for them.”

“Parents must keep a watch on the online activities of their children. They must ensure that their wards don’t spend too much time on computers and mobile phones. They should ask children to participate in social activities which will enable them to develop communication skills required to survive in the real world. Children too should make it a point step outside their house and play,” said Sameer Deshmuka a father of six year old from Malad.

The parents blame the television for everything but ironically, it is they, who unwittingly set the stage for the child’s addiction: when the child cries, gets into nerves or denies having food, many parents resort to the easy way – of switching on the television and their child’s favourite shows.

So do the parents need to panic? Not really. Shutting down television, internet and mobile phones will only be counterproductive. What you need to do is talk to your child about the bad effects on the gadgets and create a friendly environment. Mobile phones and internet may not be necessity for survival, but they have become a part of your child’s studies, said Dr Ashwini Vyawahare, who specialises in childcare.

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