Sunanda Pushkar’s death will haunt me for ages: Mehr Tarar

Mehr_TararPakistani journalist Mehr Tarar, who is in the eye of the storm after the mysterious death of Sunanda Pushkar, has expressed her anguish over the issue, saying that the incident has left her “shattered” and it will “haunt her for ages”, reports said.

Just a couple of days before her death, Sunanda had unleashed a flurry of bitter tweets directed against Mehr, accusing her of falling for Tharoor.

The love triangle war raging over the social media network Twitter took an ugly turn on Jan 17, when Sunanda Pushkar’s dead body was found from Hotel Leela Palace in New Delhi.

Sunanda was apparently disturbed over the alleged relationship between her husband and Pakistani journalist Meht Tarar, whom she accused of hitting on Shahsi Tharoor while she was away for medical check up.

However, speaking to an international newspaper, Mehr has denied any such relationship going on between her and Shashi Tharoor, saying that they were just “virtual” friends on Twitter and discussed life, politics and books in the mails exchanged between them.

Mehr said, “I would rather have her abuse me for the next ten years than to see her harm herself…”

Mehr said that what might have enraged Sunanda was a profile written by her for Shashi Tharoor, which heaped immense praises on him, including his mesmerising voice and handsome looks like Shah Rukh Khan.

“A woman I never met attacked me on Twitter, a fight began, and then she died. I’m shattered,” she told the newspaper.

She added that Tharoor had severed all communications with her after Sunanda warned him not to remain in contact with her.