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Swine flu kills 8 in Andhra, Telangana; bird flu alert in Chandigarh

The deadly Swine flu has struck once again, three people in Telangana and five people in Andhra Pradesh have succumbed to the deadly virus. In Punjab, birds have been tested positive for Avian flu at the Sukhna lake and reports of over 300 crows dying under mysterious circumstances are keeping authorities on their toes.

Doctors have warned that the winter could will make the situation more tougher as the low temperature allows the virus to stay longer in the atmosphere. As precautionary measures, the doctors have recommended a balanced diet, plenty of sleep and lots of fluids and fruits. Basic hygiene like frequent hand washing is also essential.

Dr. Subhakar said, “Avian flu is confirmed in Chandigarh but there is no need to panic, just be cautious.”

In Chandigarh, the Avian flu has put authorities on high alert. Samples taken from dozens of domestic geese that died in Sukhna Lake have tested positive for the dreaded virus. The lake has been closed to the public.

Fortunately, no individual has tested positive for the Avian flu but authorities are not taking any chances. They have culled over 100 geese to check the virus’ spread and taken measures to prevent the species from entering Sukhna Lake.

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