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“Talk development, don’t gossip”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always blamed the previous Congress government to hide the failures of his government. Modi has often in the past raked up the Emergency issue to attack the erstwhile Congress government. On the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of Emergency imposed in 1975, the PM once again slammed Congress and stated that India was “turned into a jail for the selfish interests” of the Gandhi family. Addressing a meeting in Mumbai organised by BJP to observe the Emergency Anniversary, Modi stated, “Emergency is a black spot on the golden history of the nation. Observing black day today is not just to criticise the Congress for its sin of imposing Emergency but also to create awareness for the protection of the Constitution and democracy.”

Congress spokesperson Hemlata Patil said, “Modi has spoken about irrelevant issues in the meeting and has failed to mention about the problems faced by the country. By raking up the emergency issue, he is only trying to divert the attention of the people.”

“Modi is having Congress phobia. He is always lying about developmental schemes and presenting fake data. Everyone is aware of the contribution of Congress for India’s development and we will continue to work for the nation’s progress. Congress never interfered in the functioning of the judiciary and other institutions,” she added.

Modi has been known for his good oratory skills but he failed to motivate his party workers to work for the nation’s development. He has been unable to give proper direction to them and only has motivated them to gossip without asking them to work productively for the party’s development. Modi also addresses the nation through radio programme Mann Ki Baat but Congress criticised the PM for not using it as a platform to address important issues but to make dialogues. He is being criticised for running the most centralised government ever in India’s history.

NCP MLA Shashikant Shinde stated, “Through this meeting, they are only speaking about the current emergency like situation prevailing in the country but blaming Congress for that. The Emergency was imposed 43 years back but there is no point in speaking about it now.”

“All the institutions are working under the government pressure; hence, those Supreme Court judges had called the press conference. Right now the judiciary, administration and the constitution are facing more threat than during the Emergency era,” he added.

Instead of improving governance, the PM has always targeted the erstwhile Congress government’s policies responsible for India lagging behind other nations when it comes to development. The PM had earlier stated that the nation had witnessed misrule under Congress regime. Modi had also appealed to citizens to offer him 60 months for changing India’s future. Even though four years have already passed, but the Modi government is yet to fulfil the promises made by it to the people. Citizens too are tired of his speeches targeting the opposition for poor governance. How long will Modi continue to attack Congress for shielding his government’s failures? Will this strategy enable the BJP to retain power after 2019 Lok Sabha polls?

Shiv Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande said, “There is no change in the statements made by Modi before 2014 and now. He only blames Congress for the country’s backwardness and doesn’t have any other topic to speak. All the policies announced by the government exist only on paper. BJP always rakes up the Emergency issue. Instead, they should talk about development and work for the welfare of people.”

When the Modi government had come to power in 2014, people had great expectations from them. However, the government has failed to fulfil the promises made by it. The government had promised to generate 2 crore jobs but India is witnessing a jobless growth. Even former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had taken a jibe at the Modi government for its inability to create enough jobs and stated that the nation had not even seen 2 lakh jobs. Farmers are unhappy with the Modi government for its inability to provide minimum support price to them. Many of them are committing suicide due to crop failure and rising debt. The government had announced the farm loan waiver scheme but very few farmers have derived benefit out of it.

BJP spokesperson Vishwas Pathak said, “Congress is trying to play with the emotions of the people. They imposed Emergency for the sake of one family. Our constitution is supreme and Modiji explained its importance. Congress had always imposed pressure on various institutions of the country.”

“This programme was organised by BJP to remind people that Emergency was imposed by Congress. The press conference held by four Supreme Court judges was a conspiracy to defame the current government because they know if Modi government retains power then their existence will come to an end.”

Moumita Mukherjee

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