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Telangana Twins entered into “Guinness World Records”

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Harsh Vardhan Anand Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan (Left) and Anand Vardhan (Right)

It is every parent’s dream to have a gifted child; a child who shows a natural and extraordinary talent in worldly disciplines such as learning languages, solving math problems with ease, superior scientific reasoning, learning complex music composition and other various arts.

Here are two extraordinary children Anand Vardhan and Harsha Vardhan Thamnanabhatal, twins studying 10th class of HPS Ramanthapur, they are from Manthani a village in the state of Telangana since childhood they were encouraged to chant Hanuman Chalisa by their parents. By registering to participate in Shri Hanuman Chalisa Laksha Gala Parayan on Saturday, August 15, 2020, with 100,000 other participants they chanted and created divine vibrations around the world.

This event was organized by SiliconAndhra. This event has entered into “Guinness World Records” for most simultaneously Chanting Online.

Certificates Telegana

When Afternoon Voice spoke to Harsh Vardhan about his achievement and what has inspired him to participate in such an event, he said “I am born in a family that has strong spiritual roots, and these are the family sanskaras (upbringings) that has always motivated me to practice religious chantings.”

Anand Vardhan said, “I and my brother are determined by our spiritual values. My parents always maintained certain discipline and wanted us to excel in life. We follow all those spiritual practices in regular life after our Upanayana. Upanayana is an initiation into the study of Vedas being a Brahmin.”

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Sitaram Das Ji

When we spoke to Ayodhya Govardhan Nirmohi Akhara Mahant, Sitaram Das Ji he said, “These children in the future will help society to grow spiritually and create a world of stability, as they come of age, will help to smoothen this transition and lead the world in the times to come to greater spiritual awareness in all aspects of life and governance.

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