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Telangana’s 27 children been hospitalised due to food poisoning

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Students, Hostel,Telangana
Students,Hostel,Telangana | Image : Pixabay/Reperesentative

On Tuesday approximately 27 children were hospitalised due to food poisoning in Adilabad in Telangana as per the official report.

The children were taken to the hospital after receiving complaints from them of vomiting and nausea.

27 children were admitted to the hospital on Monday at night al were from Kaga nagar minority Boys hostel Gurukul after the complaints of the students and their health situation the District Magistrate, Adildabad Prabhakar Reddy said to agencies that “we are investigation in this matter.”

In a report it was also found that the cooks of the hostel were not washing the food grains and cleaning before cooking them due to shortage of cooking staff it was been done due to which the health has been affected of the students. The authorities will be conducting an investigation in this matter.

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