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Thane district already has received 66% of previous year’s rainfall

Thane district has received 11,446.54mm of rainfall this monsoon which is 66 per cent of the rainfall it received during the entire monsoon season last year, a senior district official said.

Thane has received 11,446.54mm rainfall this season so far as against 8,613.50mm in the same period last year, district information officer Aniruddha Ashtaputre said.

The district had received 17,150.10mm of rainfall in the entire monsoon season last year, the official said.

Thane had already received over 66 per cent of the entire rainfall it got during last year’s monsoon, he said.

He said that water levels of dams in the district were rising and some of their gates would need to be opened soon.

The gate of Modak Sagar Dam was opened at around 3pm on Sunday and its storage level was reaching the overflow mark, Ashtaputre said.

The storage level of Bhatsa Dam stood at 125.65 million cubic metres (mcum), or 58.77 per cent of its storage capacity, and its gates would be opened when the water capacity reached 134 mcum or 78 per cent of the storage capacity, he informed.

“The gates will be opened when it reaches 78 per cent. Villages in the vicinity will be informed in advance and tehsildars will receive official communication before the water is released,” he said.

Giving information about other dams in the district, he said that level of water in Barvi Dam stood at 64.72 metres and its overflow mark was 68.60m. It currently has 164.99 mcum of water which was 70.79 per cent of the dam’s storage capacity.

The Pise Dam also received heavy rainfall, he said.

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