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Thank you readers
For trusting parallel media

LeadStarting from a humble beginning, Afternoon Voice has overcome various hurdles to complete five years. The tabloid was launched with an objective to promote parallel journalism. Media was always been owned by rich or capitalists as pseudo journalism had flourished from early times. During the initial stages, it was becoming a huge challenge for us to survive in the market. However, every employee including the management worked hard to oversee the day to day functioning of the newspaper right from covering news, editing, designing, printing and circulation to script a new success story. We have tried to dive in the various fields and tried to explore the potential talents from various phases of life. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary AV spoke to readers and renowned personalities who shared their views about the tabloid.

Nawab MalikNationalist Congress Party spokesperson, Nawab Malik said, “Afternoon Voice is the voice of Mumbai. I want this paper to continue highlighting the issues faced by Mumbaikars.”

Subash DesaiSubhash Desai, Shiv Sena group leader in assembly said, “Since its inception, this newspaper has been giving good service to its readers. As I am reader of this newspaper, I thoroughly enjoy reading its content. I wish the paper all success.”

Imam SiddiqueImam Siddique, Bollywood actor said, “I would like to congratulate Afternoon Voice for completing five years. I hope this newspaper scales new heights and it should go on to become one of the renowned newspapers of the nation”

CKC. K Subramaniam an avid reader of Afternoon Voice said, “The content of this newspaper is really good as compared to other newspapers. Other newspapers are not giving too much coverage to local politics but you have been giving it an extensive coverage. You are also covering sports news better than your counterparts.”

MahendraMahendra Singh, a reader said, “Afternoon Voice is a progressive newspaper. It has encouraged young Journalists since last five years. The tabloid has been covering news in an unbiased manner. The USP of AV is that it covers several topics like cookery, health. The editorial of this newspaper is really appreciable.”

Dolphy D'souzaDolphy D’souza, a regular reader said, “I enjoyed reading this newspaper since last five years. I wish the newspaper all success.”

Dolly BindraDolly Bindra, Bollywood actress said, “My heartiest congratulation to this newspaper for completing five years. This newspaper always publishes facts and accurate news. I want you to continue to do good job in the future too.”

JDJubel D’Cruz, an avid reader of AV from Dombivali said, “Congratulations on completing five glorious years! I feel proud to say that I’ve been reading the paper since its inception. Then, as the days went by, I started writing letters on various topics for the paper, which were published. ‘Afternoon Voice’ has been exercising its responsibility towards the society at large.”

S.N Kabra a reader from Goregaon said, “This is one of the best newspapers. It’s the only newspaper where the editorials are written by the editor. I bless Vaidehi (the editor-in-chief) on this occasion. The paper started from scratch and has come a long way. “We have pulled our socks with this fifth year; we stand up with the pride of being what we are today and will continue carrying on with it. Any hurdles may come but we are committed to being unstoppable. We would like to thank our readers and well-wishers for being such a great support in this journey.

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