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The Eknath Shinde-led government announced Rs 10 lakh insurance for all govindas in the state

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Eknath Shinde
Image: PTI

Dahi handi celebrations to be held after a gap of two years, CM Shinde said the premium will be paid by the government and this is being done to ensure all govindas are safe and can get compensation in case of mishap.

“We have ensured that all it will follow the rules related to safety. Since there was a demand from mandals for an insurance scheme to provide a safety net, the government has taken this decision,” he said.

The Bombay HC has already mandated RS 10 lakh insurance for each Govinda.

Mandals too buy insurance for their govindas. While the Shinde government has announced insurance for govindas with Gokulashtami coming up on August 19 (Friday), dahi handi teams are purchasing insurance for their players who will head out to break the pot.

The HC had mandated that each govinda be insured for a sum of Rs 10 lakh Contrary to perception; it is not boys who tumble from the top of the pyramid that are the worst sufferers.

It is the youth on lower layers who cushion their fall that are more vulnerable to breaking bones.

Public sector firm Oriental Insurance is the major insurer for dahi handi mandals.

Through these 45 days, the govinda receives full personal accident cover, not only during practice or performance but also road accident, electric shock and terror attack.

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