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Friday, March 1, 2024
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They tore my clothes and abused me: Trupti Desai on Kolhapur attack

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In a high voltage drama, Bhoomata Ranragini Brigade leader Trupti Desai on Wednesday night got engaged in a scuffle inside the famous Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur.

Trupti Desai on Kolhapur attack-AV

Desai, however, managed to get darshan of goddess Mahalaxmi by entering into sanctum sanctorum of the temple despite defying the “dress code” prescribed by police and priests.

Notwithstanding the “advice” given by the police to wear sari inside ‘girbh griha’ of the temple, the woman activist entered the inner sanctum in salwar kameez though some priests and devotees tried to block her way.

She and her Bhoomata Ranragini Brigade activists were, however, roughed up. Desai was later admitted to a hospital, where her condition is said to be fine.

Desai alleged that people pulled their hair, tore her clothes, and abused them. “I think the attackers planned to kill me,” alleged Desai.

The attackers said ‘don’t let Trupti Desai get out alive’. The doctor said I could’ve got a paralysis attack, added Desai. She also said that even the priest was abusing them.

The activist added that Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis should look into the matter and take action against this.

Meanwhile, the doctor attending to Desai told that the activist had low water intake, low BP and sugar level when she was brought to the hospital. Now, she is conscious and recovering, added the doctor.

Earlier on Wednesday, Desai and other activists were taken into preventive custody by police when they tried to proceed towards the temple in a procession allegedly in violation of prohibitory orders.

Desai headed towards the temple in night after she was detained by police during day time.

She and other activists had organised the ‘Vijay’ rally in afternoon to mark “victory” for the cause of women who were recently allowed to enter the inner sanctum of the temple in a major departure from the long-standing tradition.

The atmosphere around the temple was tense and shops downed shutters as activists of Shiv Sena and other organisations gathered in the area after Desai insisted to take darshan of the deity, clad in salwar kameez instead of sari, the formal dress code suggested by police and priests.

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