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This ‘magic’ Banyan tree helps bachelors get married within 3 months!

Not a single couple got married in a village in Bhojpur district in the past two years, locals claim, putting the blame on absence of ‘Vat vriksha’ (Banyan tree) in the region.

“Now that the only banyan tree that was planted years ago has grown full-size, people come here and express their wish to get married and suddenly weddings are being fixed and couples are tying the knot,” they say.
Hindus consider Banyan trees, also popularly known as ‘marriage’ trees, as pure and sacred. They believe that it helps in fixing marriages, especially that of Mangliks.

A similar tree is also there in Jamalpur’s kali mountain which very close to Kali mandir in Munger district.
It is said that whoever ties a brick to this tree gets married within two three months. However, while tying it the person is not supposed to look behind. After he/she gets married, the couple have to visit this place again to remove the bricks to mark fulfillment of their wishes.

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