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To quit ‘Tumbbad’ and make another film was never a thought, says Sohum Shah

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His latest production “Tumbbad” was in the making for six years but actor Sohum Shah says though there were moments when he felt frustrated, abandoning the project was never an option.

The horror-fantasy released last Friday to glowing reviews and Sohum says the journey to reach the release date was not an easy one.

“There were several moments when I felt frustrated. But there was never a thought that I would quit this and make another film. I knew I had something so unique and beautiful in the hands of some amazing people, there was no question of even attempting to make another film,” Sohum told agencies.

The actor, who featured and backed “Ship of Theseus”, says when the project started, everyone was young and did not know how to execute a folklore story such as this on the big screen.

“I knew I had to complete this process, complete the film no matter what. When we started the film all of us were so young. We did several trial and error to portray the demon on screen, because it’s easier to describe in stories.

“In 2012-13 we used prosthetics but didn’t get it and in 2015 we did another one with a lot of hardwork but even that didn’t work. Then we finally cancelled it and made it in VFX. We had to shoot only in rains so we shot the film in four monsoons,” he added.

Directed by Rahi Anil Barve, with Adesh Prasad as co-helmer, “Tumbbad” is written by Mitesh Shah, Anand Gandhi, Barve and Prasad.

Sohum says the film kept on “evolving” over all these years.

“I was surprised when I heard the story because I hadn’t seen anything like this in Indian cinema. The story changes colours like a chameleon. It’s horror, thriller, fantasy and adventure. I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“But there was so much work on the writing, at the screenplay. This film really evolved on its truest sense. We shot so much that four films can be made. There are several scenes which aren’t even there. We took six years but I’m happy we have made the film we wanted to make,” he added.

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