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Tons of waste heap on Mumbai Beach, viral video leaves netizens concerned

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Mahim Beach, Mumbai, Viral Video, Twitter
Image: Screen grab

Mother Nature is constantly getting destroyed due to people’s carelessness – cutting trees, constructing high-rise buildings, throwing garbage on roads, seas and whatnot.

Although many campaigns have been conducted to make people aware of the repercussions of throwing waste on the seas, people have turned a blind eye to them.

However, Mother Nature seemed to have returned those wastes back to the people in a recent viral video, shocking netizens, and making them realize that they are slowly destroying the planet. Taking to Twitter, a page called Mumbai Matters shared a video of Mumbai Beach.

He added a snide comment, writing, “Beaches in Mumbai now Open. Citizens throng Mahim beach to have a look at the ReturnGift from ArabianSea…”

The 10-second video clip revealed a Mumbai Beach laden with tons of plastic waste, dumps, and plenty of garbage as people stand on the littered beach.

The shocking video has received numerous angry and concerned reactions from netizens who expressed their opinions on this issue. “Nature warns first, when it has no effect, it will react. Let’s not wait for that reaction, because we may not be able to bear that,” wrote one Twitter user.

Till now, the highly circulated video has garnered 87k views and collected more than 1k likes on Twitter. Is this Nature’s cry for help? What do you think?

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