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Touchwood – The COVID cases coming under control in Maharashtra

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Amid scary videos and WhatsApp circulations, Thackeray cub and Maharashtra cabinet minister Aaditya came up with pleasant revelation about the spread of coronavirus in Mumbai, the city hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic in India. Thackeray Twitted that Mumbai’s Covid-19 fatality rate has lowered to three per cent, which is almost at par with the national average. Thackeray also said that the discharge rate in the city is now 42 per cent and the rate of doubling of cases in one of the worst-affected areas of Mumbai, Dharavi, has increased to 42 days. The doubling rate – the number of days it takes for positive cases to double – in Mumbai is 24.5 days, as against the national average of 16. Maharashtra is worst-affected in India by the coronavirus disease. The state’s tally crossed the 90,000 mark as 2,259 more infections were reported on Tuesday. Maharashtra’s case count stands at 90,787, of which 43,591 are active ones, according to the state health department. Let’s hope and assume that the minister is serious about his claims, and Mumbai gets rid of COVID-19.

Even as per reports published around more than 50,000 people have been screened at Mumbai airport including those arriving from Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia; in addition to those from Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and japan. 85 passengers who showed symptoms were quarantined and later on, except two, who are under observation, all others were discharged. we all know; the population of Mumbai is too much as compared to its size. People sleep in layers in small rooms. Population density is76,790 per square mile, approximate Population is 14,350,000 that means 187 Square miles, world’s biggest slum is here in the city. Dharavi is the world’s most populated slum with a population of over one million people. They stay in huge numbers in small rooms. Some of the shacks are right on the gutter and nallahs. There is absolutely no practical way to implement social distancing. They have no money to keep themselves sanitized and they can’t quarantine themselves. For them, living a quarantine life is also inviting death. Which means, if a virus spreads in these areas then it’s almost impossible to contain it. It is happening. There are above 1600 cases already in Dharavi. Dharavi is in danger, more than any place on this earth. The death toll of the state has reached 3,289 after 120 casualties were reported, of which 49 were in the past two days, while the rest were between May 11 and June 6, as clarified by the state government. Tuesday was the ninth day wherein the state recorded over 100 deaths. Of them, Mumbai recorded 58, taking its toll to 1,638. The city saw an addition of 1,015 cases on Tuesday. The case count in Mumbai is 51,100. Of these, 26,391 are active cases. The current situation of Covid-19 was discussed in the state cabinet meeting. Though, the recovery rate in the state is showing constant improvement. It was 26.25% on May 20, and improved to 29.06% on May 24. It further increased to 43.28% on May 29 after as many as 8,381 patients were reported as recovered following the changes in norms to discharge patients.

As for Maharashtra I am still surprised that the number of cases are quite less considering the population of just one of the cities of Maharashtra that is Mumbai where even if a person sneezes or coughs and if the virus is spreading then there should be at least lakhs of cases of coronavirus easily affecting people. Not that I want more people to be affected by Corona, but this just gives me confidence that there is absolutely no need of panic and that corona is not a virus that easily spreads if every person takes personal care and hygiene, not just wearing masks. More so if you see more than any other place in India, Mumbai and Delhi airports are the ones which receive more flights from all over the world and hence more foreign passengers. So, if you see in the sense, either India is lucky not to have more corona cases or it proves that the corona virus doesn’t spread rapidly. Anyway, State governments are taking precautions and that’s one good thing. But how can you stop the lifelines of a city or state, that is local transport which is the place where a jam-packed crowd is there and interacts in all ways and no hygiene can help. And the state government and people are still slow in reacting to any precautions and not like Kerala. Kudos to the Kerala government and especially the people of Kerala who cooperates in all sense to the advisories especially the economically weaker sections like daily wage workers, auto rickshaw drivers. They are promptly supporting the Govt. and its directives rather than worrying about their daily income. While we see in Mumbai, Delhi and other places it is absolutely ridiculous. Neither the State Govt. is strict on implementing precautions nor the people. It’s a casual attitude. Can’t people do away with shopping, roaming around and creating a crowd wherever it is. This clearly shows that state government and owners are more worried about business than people’s health. Nobody understands the fact that even if 50% of people do not venture out and make a crowd the rest 50% can at least stay at a distance between two people so that the spreading of viruses decreases.

Furthermore, the fake news spread was way faster than the pandemic, some opposition party leaders were assigned to make fast noises and spreads. ‘Fake News Media’ and political opponents were hyping the coronavirus situation, there were videos and voices circulated heavily across social media. Mumbai’s battle against the coronavirus had many hindrances – large crowds, a stretched health system and inadequate infrastructure. But beyond these, familiar foes are rearing their heads: misinformation and fake news. Through its vast social media networks, a wave of inaccuracy is spreading on coronavirus, which causes an illness known as COVID-19. From offering unverified home remedies to tackle the virus, to floating fake advisories asking people to avoid foods such as ice cream and chicken, and sharing conspiracy theories, Indians’ phones are being flooded with misinformation. Above all how Maharashtra Chief Minister is incapable and how his government needs to be toppled, if such is the arrogance of people how one can bring harmony and health to state. What we all need to do is, cooperate and come out of the present situation.

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