Train the youth as per the demand of employment: CM Thackeray

uddhav thackeray, cm, thackeray, youth, employment, maharashtra youthMany young citizens have lost their jobs in Corona’s background. Against this backdrop, new employment opportunities have been created by the Department of Skill Development, Employment, and Entrepreneurship; the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray directed them to prepare an action plan to train the youth as per the new demand. Thackeray was speaking at the presentation of the Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Department at Varsha Niwas on Thursday. Thackeray said that it is a good thing that the department has provided one lakh and forty-eight thousand jobs even during the lockdown, but the department should work to prepare the trainees according to the new conditions created after the lockdown. A detailed action plan for this should be prepared soon. Also, the job training scheme should be implemented. New state-of-the-art training centres should be started in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). Consideration should be given to creating a Skills University he further stated in his speech.

The geographical structure of each district should start employment training centres according to the local conditions. The Chief Minister also directed to plan for the training of new employment opportunities in the districts adjacent to the Samrudhi Highway. On this occasion, Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Commissioner Dipendrasinh Kushwaha presented the future plans to be implemented by the Commissionerate.

Vipin Gaur, a media person said, “Government comes up with plans but the execution is a real challenge. Just planning is not going to solve the problems; the government needs to be quick in providing work to unemployed youth.”

Nikunj Bavishi, Chartered accountant based out of Mumbai said, “Job losses are not the sole problem, finding people with the right skills for a job is a huge challenge. Job losses are certainly a significant cause for unemployment in India as much as anywhere else in the world. But, it is not fair to blame all instances of unemployment on job losses caused mostly by changes in the economy and the closure of businesses. India has also been suffering from slow creation of jobs, particularly in manufacturing where capital and machines are preferred over humans for greater efficiencies and higher productivity.”

Vikas Kumar Gunjan said, “There are hardly any new openings now, moreover salary cuts are a big issue. Many of the problems at the mid-and senior manager levels can be easily addressed with continuous learning programmes where employers assume an active role in encouraging its people to participate. The challenge lies in equipping people at the entry-level with the right skills. While personal and workplace hygiene can be enforced with certain strict dos and don’ts, addressing illiteracy and language skills among young adults require institutional intervention.”