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Twitter currently testing ‘Edit Tweet’ button, will be available for users soon

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The microblogging site Twitter, on Thursday, announced that users will soon be able to edit their already published tweets, which comes as a big development on the platform.

Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service from Twitter, shared a picture of an edited tweet on their official account, which they captioned, “well well well, look what we’ve been testing….”

Meanwhile, Twitter, on the other hand, confirmed the arrival of the ‘Edit button’ news on their official account and wrote, “if you see an edited Tweet it’s because we’re testing the edit button, this is happening and you’ll be okay.”

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Users will be getting 30 minutes to edit their tweets, which is a bit longer than necessary to quickly edit a mistake. However, the 30-minutes duration is long enough to clarify or rephrase a tweet that could be igniting reactions or blow up and go viral for the wrong reasons.

Earlier, several people discovered the ‘Edit Tweet’ feature which has been in development for quite some time. It was unclear how the feature would appear to the users on Twitter. Speculations were also raised on how the edited tweet’s original text could be read.

According to reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, the ‘Edit Tweet’ button will allow users to create a new tweet with different content. But to make sure Twitter users know the tweet has been changed from the original, a label (alongside an icon of a small pen or pencil) will appear at the bottom of the tweet. The label’s text will simply say ‘Edited.’ And if users click on the word ‘Edited,’ they’ll be taken to the tweet’s edit history, as reported by TechCrunch.

Previously in the year 2020, a report in The Verge stated that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey went on record saying that the company would “probably never” introduce an edit button.

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