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Under pressure, BJP leaders refuse to inaugurate illegal Madarsa

Madarsha-LeadBJP MP Gopal Shetty and BJP leader Pravin Darekar didn’t turn up for inaugurating the Jamalia Gausiya Madarsa Masjid (Badi Masjid) at Borivali (E) whose demolition was ordered by the BMC. Both leaders didn’t inaugurate the Madarsa cum community hall due the pressure imposed by VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders. VHP and Bajrang Dal had declared the Madarsa as illegal. These outfits had expressed their displeasure about this issue. They had asked everyone to protest against it.

A resident of Girishikar apartment spoke to AV on the condition of anonymity and said, “Both Gopal Shetty and Pravin Darekar didn’t arrive for inaugurating the Madarsa. Pravin Darekar’s brother Prakash Darekar had inaugurated the Madarsa.”

Pravin Darekar had provided funds for the construction of the Madarsa through local area development fund.

“Earlier we had approached Gopal Shetty and Ashish Shelar requesting them that no BJP official should attend and endorse the illegal Madarsa. We also sought their assistance for getting the structure demolished” said another resident.

Kajupada Masjid Trust has constructed the Jamalia Gausiya Madrasa Masjid (Badi Masjid) at Borivali (E). Some residents of Girishikar apartments had earlier opposed the construction of mosque and had termed it as illegal. The area where this structure is constructed is notified as a no development zone (NDZ). The residents had filed a complaint about this issue with the BMC since September 2014. On 16th Dec 2014, a GRC meeting was held at DMC zone VII, Kandivali, where the Masjid Trust was unable to provide any documents to prove the legality of the structure. The DMC gave order that if the trust cannot submit documents to prove legality in 15 days, demolition maybe initiated.

Adam Deshmukh member of Ahle-Sunnat-Val-Jamat trust said, “We had approached both Gopal Shetty and Pravin Darekar they had given their nod for inaugurating the Madarsa. Both of them were unable to attend the inauguration function due to prior commitments. I don’t know whether they had failed to turn up due to the pressure of VHP and Bajrang Dal.”

In the year 2008 former Corporator Bhaskar Khursange had provided funds to construct the Madarsa from the development fund. Members of the Ahle-Sunnat-Val-Jamat trust nonetheless say that the Madarsa is legal and it was constructed prior to 1995.

Former Corporator Bhaskar Khursange said, “I had helped them in the constructing of Madarsa and also had provided funds from the development fund in 2007-2008. Trustees may have failed to obtain permission from the BMC for carrying out the renovation work.”

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