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UP cops refuse to file FIR, slams victim

Unnao Police refused FIR of Victim,Unnao Case,Unnao,Bihar,Uttar Pradesh,Unnao Rape Case,Rape Case,Fir rejected,FIR,Girl Filing FIR on police station,Police StationWhile the entire nation might be congratulating the Hyderabad Police for the encounter of the four accused responsible for the rape and murder of veterinarian doctor, women from other parts of the country find it difficult to get justice for rape and molestation incidents. Even today women have to run from pillar to post to file FIR for rape and molestation incidents. Many times the police don’t cooperate with them and don’t file FIR whenever such incidents occur. On Saturday a woman from Sindhupur village in Uttar Pradesh has alleged that the police has refused to file her complaint of attempted rape. Instead of helping the woman the police allegedly asked the victim to come with her complaint once the rape has taken place.
Cops told the woman, “Rape to hua nahi, jab hoga tab aana. (Rape has not happened. We will see when it happens.) The woman whose complaint has not been registered said three men from the village tried to rape her few months back when she was on her way to purchase medicines. The woman said,“I was going to purchase my medicines. These three men stopped me and started pulling my clothes. They tried to rape me.” The woman had identified the accused as Ram Milan, Guddu, and Ram Babu. When she approached the police station with her complaint cops threw her and asked her to come after the rape will take place.
When AV contacted Criminal lawyer Abbas Kazmi on U.P Police statement he said, “It’s pathetic the way police is behaving with the women. The most important responsibility of them is to prevent the rape against such woman. Telling woman, “rape toh hua nahi, jab hoga tab aana is condemnable.” The police should totally change their attitude while dealing with such cases. A common man feels that the police should do their job with more empathy and diligence.”
This is the same village where Unnao rape victim was set ablaze by five men on Thursday. The woman who suffered 90 per cent burns died at Safdarjung Hospital around 11.40 pm in Delhi on Friday. The women have to suffer in silence as many times police don’t file FIR after the occurrence of rape. Also many women hesitate to file complaint as they fear that the family’s reputation is at stake. While those who approach the police station to file complaint are harassed by the police officer. Police also ask them to brief about the rape incident as they feel awkward while explaining the incident to them. This is not the first instance where police have failed to cooperate with the women and did not register the complaint. The recent case of JNU student’s rape and inaction on the part of the police once again brings to the fore the often raised query, “Can the police refuse to register FIR”. The girl has accused the police of turning her away when she went to report the incident and seek help from them.
The Hyderabad veterinarian’s parents too had faced hurdles while filing complaint with the police. The woman’s family has said that police had initially refused to file and FIR saying the woman might have eloped with someone. In 2018 a 28 year old woman was allegedly raped by a man died after she set herself ablaze in a police station in Shahjahanpur. The woman’s husband Ramvir alleged that she was upset after police refused to file FIR in the case. They had impose pressure on the woman to reach a compromise with the accused.

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