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We are committed to Keep Parallel media alive

Afternoon Voice completes successful 7 years

Afternoon Voice was launched with an objective to promote parallel journalism. As the saying goes a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step our tabloid has come a long way and completes seven years. Our journey was not smooth in the initial years and we had to face several challenges daily but we never lost hope and continued with the hard work to reach where we are today. Media was always been owned by rich or capitalists as pseudo journalism had flourished from early times. During the initial stages, it was becoming a huge challenge for us to survive in the market. However, every employee including the management worked hard to oversee the day to day functioning of the newspaper right from covering news, editing, designing, printing and circulation to script a new success story. We wish to keep up the good work and provide good content to our readers. On the occasion of the seventh anniversary AV spoke to readers and renowned personalities who shared their views about the tabloid.

Social media expert Zankrut Oza said, “Media is considered as the fourth pillar of the constitution. This important role also comes with huge responsibility. With the current trend of “creating” selective opinions more than airing news and selecting geographies based on people’s meter and ratings, there is emerging a huge trust deficit among people for media. Airing a reality show and daily soaps on national news is hammering to the genuine viewers. It is expected, that media covers relevant information and reports news backed with data, facts and figures.”

BJP Worker and RSS Karyakarta, Devendra Sharma said, “These days we lack media personalities like Lokmanya Tilak, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, Girilal Jain, Arun Shourie, Prabhash Joshi. Journalists should imbibe the qualities of these leaders.”

Pramod Pandit, Hindu Mahasabha’s national spokesperson said, “Media is a weapon for the common man. But reporters are supporting political parties which is unjustified. Wholesellers hoard Tur Dal which has led to rising prices of the commodity. Media should report about facts and should not be biased.

Manoj Jain said, “Media is ideally a pillar of democracy, that should be unbiased i.e. non-judgemental and should be concerned with reporting facts (while duly acknowledging the security of the Nation/world). When media sides with political groups, especially the ones in power, it only weakens democracy.

I wish to tender my congratulation to the young team of Afternoon Voice for celebrating their 7th Anniversary.  Media is known as the 4th pillar of the Democracy and people rely on media reports to know the truth. However, nowadays few newspapers are operating as a mouth piece of political parties. This is a dangerous trend which compromises with the ethics of journalism. Media houses should be neutral, unbiased and apolitical. In my opinion, some media houses turn bias because of commercial reasons,” says Ravi Srivastava, spokesperson, AAP’s Maharashtra unit.

“If media believe themselves as the fourth pillar of the Democracy then they should act in that manner. Media should not be biased; they should be as expected unprejudiced and impartial. Media should always be in search for truth and not for ‘Mirch Masala’, says Dhruv Pandit, Congress worker.

Sanjay Jain said, “My name is Sanjay and I expect media to be exactly like Sanjay. Confusing ? Not so. Sanjay the commentator from Mahabharata era. As a common man I expect the media to do unbiased reporting. I just don’t want some anchor’s or editor’s views being served to me as news. Why we need to create news, indulge in heated arguments just for the sake of garnering TRPs? Media doesn’t cover about the issues which is affecting the common man. Waterlogging was witnessed in Delhi due to heavy rains. Media starts airing prime time shows to highlight these issues but after couple of days nobody even bothers about what action has been taken by the government and civic bodies to address the issue.”

Rupal Mistry said, “Media is expected to be an independent intelligent body and not puppets run by the government. Along with the primary expectation to present the truth, media also needs to play the role of a thinker by bringing varied viewpoints to initiate thought and dialogue for people on socio-political matters. Alternate thinking and opinions are fundamental to reach correct national decisions. Also, the biggest challenge for media today is to exercise independence and freedom of speech. They are the voice of the people and need to stand fearlessly against any external or government oppression. Journalism should be the essence of media.”

Indur Chugani, a social activist said, “Media should fearlessly expose the misdeeds of all the powerful people, especially judiciary.  How many reporters can investigate about delinquent judges? If they have not been able to charge me with contempt of court, why the media persons should be afraid of? Afternoon Voice has published a report pertaining to judicial system.”

Yusuf Khan said, “Media in present times is not only the fourth pillar but has become the foundation and should display a strong sense of responsibility. This I presume is depicted by most of the reporters but is not printed or highlighted by the media heads as per my experience. If media stops becoming biased society’s opinion about it will change. Media can play magical role in this astonishing change and behaviour.”

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