Sunday, July 25, 2021
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What do you mean Photo-Op, people are dying: Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday lost his cool when questioned if his Ballabgarh visit was a photo opportunity.

Rahul was addressing the media when some reporters asked for his reaction on the allegations that his Ballabgarh visit to meet the Dalit family which lost two children on Tuesday in an attack by upper caste men here was a photo operation.

“What do you mean it is a photo opportunity? It is insulting when they say that. People are dying. I will come again,” said Rahul angrily.

Rahul today accused the Prime Minister, Harayana Chief Minister, the BJP and RSS of practicising “politics of crushing” those who are weak which results in such incidents.

“This is an attitude shared by the Prime Minister, Chief Minister of the state and the entire BJP and RSS. The attidute is if somebody is weak, he can be crushed. What you have seen is the result of this attitude,” Gandhi said.


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