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Who is Haji Rafat to issue statement?

The statements made by Haji Rafat Hussain about Trupti Desai are his personal views and AIMIM doesn’t endorse it says Imtiyaz Jaleel.

Trupti Desai & Imtiaz AV

The AIMIM has distanced itself from the statements made by its leader Haji Rafat Hussain challenging Bhumata Brigade president Trupti Desai to enter a Parsi temple for confirming whether she is actually fighting for women’s rights and not seeking publicity. Imtiyaz Jaleel group leader of AIMIM in Maharashtra legislative assembly said that Hussain is not the authorised spokesperson of the party to issue such statements.

“The statements issued by Haji Rafat Hussain are his personal views and AIMIM doesn’t endorse it. The trustees of temples, mosques, dargahs are competent enough to resolve the matter pertaining to women’s entry inside places of worship,” said Imtiyaz Jaleel.

Hassan Mulani, AIMIM secretary Thane district said Trupti is only trying to gain publicity through these acts. He said, “Trupti Desai is simply working as an agent of the government. She is forcefully trying to enter temples and dargahs for gaining publicity. Trupti is keen to enter politics. When Muslims have become IAS and IPS officers then where is the question of discrimination against them. Mahim dargah and Ajmer Sharif Dargah allow entry of women inside the inner sanctum and it’s the decision of the trust and Islam has nothing to do with it.”

Earlier Trupti Desai had entered Haji Ali Dargah and offered prayers. Haji Rafat Hussain had said that Trupti won’t be able to enter the inner sanctum of dargah in her life time.

“We are happy that Trupti Desai offered prayers at the Haji Ali Dargah. But the way she had on April 28 threatened the entire Muslim community that she would forcefully enter the dargah was not right,” Hussain said.

“She entered today with the police. I think she should not have done that and should have entered alone. We would have been much happy if she would have entered just like any other common person,” he added

“She would not be able to enter the majar-e-sharif throughout her life. She was allowed to go where women are allowed to enter. I would also like her to now try and enter a Parsi temple, where only Parsis are allowed to go, as that would confirm the people that she is actually fighting for women’s rights and not for publicity,” he said.

On the other hand, Trupti Desai said that she will continue to fight for gender equality. She said, “I have entered Haji Ali Dargah. I went till the point where women were allowed to go and offered prayers. The police were helpful this time. This is a fight for gender equality.”

“At Haji Ali Dargah, I prayed that women must be allowed to enter inner sanctum like they did before 2011. We saw where we are allowed till and where men go till inside Dargah,” she added.

The Haji Ali Dargah does not allow women to enter the inner chamber. Only men are allowed to go inside the Haji Ali Mazar and offer their prayers. This ban came into force in 2011.

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