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Who wanted the dreaded gangster Arun Gawli out of jail?

The state had registered Gawli’s petition on the ground that the 2015 notification specifically excluded the convict under MCOCA from the benefits of the policy.

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Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, gangster Arun Gawli is likely to get early release from jail. His plea for exemption from punishment has been accepted by the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court. The dreaded ex-mafia don-turned-politician Arun Gulab Gawli is set to be freed hastily from the life term he is undergoing in Nagpur Central Jail, as per a Bombay High Court order. His release is seen as a politically motivated move, and the question is, who would benefit from Gawli’s release?

The state had registered Gawli’s petition on the ground that the 2015 notification specifically excluded the convict under MCOCA from the benefits of the policy. It was contended that even the 2006 notification makes it clear that convicts under laws like the NDPS, TADA, MPDA, etc. are not entitled to the 2006 policy benefits, explained Adv. Ali. After hearing both sides, the court directed the state to decide on Gawli’s release within four weeks from Friday, paving the way for his premature release from the jail where he has spent 16 years, added Adv. Ali. Originally based in Mumbai and dreaded as the don of Dagdi Chawl, Arun Gawli, 69, served as an MLA (2004–2009). He was arrested in 2006, underwent a trial, was found guilty, and was sentenced to life imprisonment in jail in 2012 for the murder of Shiv Sena leader Kamlakar Jamsandekar.

The jail administration has also been given four weeks to respond. Notorious Don Arun Gawli had sought immunity from punishment through a 2006 government order. Arun Gawli had completed the hearing on that petition at the Nagpur bench. But the court reserved the verdict. While giving its decision, the court has been directed to release Arun Gawli prematurely. However, the jail administration has also been given a period of four weeks to reply in this regard. Arun Gawli was sentenced to two life terms in the Mumbai corporator Kamlakar Jamsandekar murder case.
Kamlakar Jamsandekar was murdered by Arun Gawli Gang members. On the evening of March 2, 2007, Shiv Sena corporator Kamlakar Jamsandekar was watching TV in his house after finishing the day’s work in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. He was living in Rumani Manzil Chali, Asalfa Village.

Kamlakar Jamsandekar had defeated Akhil Bharatiya Sena candidate Ajit Rane by 367 votes. Kamlakar Jamsandekar’s wife, Komal, had gone out for work. Jamsandekar’s niece, Manali Hire, was working in the kitchen. Meanwhile, two motorcycles had come and stopped outside the house. Four people got off it. One of them came to Jamsandekar’s house and entered his house. He fired a pistol at Jamsandekar from his gun. This firing was done from very close, i.e., point-blank range. When Manali saw the firing, she ran out and saw Kamlakar Jamsandekar lying in a pool of blood. She ran for help. A crowd gathered as Jamsandekar was fired upon. Taking advantage of the crowd, the attackers fled from there.

Kamlakar Jamsandekar was brought to the hospital. But by then, his life was over. Doctors declared him dead. After this, the police started investigating the murder. But the police had no clue. The police, however, were investigating thoroughly. At that time, they realized that the threads of this murder had reached Don Arun Gawli. So, Arun Gawli was arrested in this case. Almost a year after Kamlakar Jamsandekar’s murder, it was revealed that the contract of killing was given by Arun Gawli. Arun Gawli was the MLA for Byculla Constituency at the time. According to the evidence obtained by the Mumbai Police, Arun Gawli was paid Rs 30 lakh to kill Kamlakar Jamsandekar. Arun Gawli had given word to Sadashiv Surve and Sahebrao Vantharade that the work would be done.

Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment can be released after completing fourteen years of imprisonment. Prisoners over 65 years of age can be released from prison. Arun Gawli was born in 1955. He is now 69 years old. Arun Gawli has been in jail since 2007 in the Jamsandekar murder case, so he has been in jail for 16 years. It is interesting to see if he is out to take on Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena, in the forthcoming election.

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