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Why can’t people spare 52 seconds for the nation

People should stand up while the national anthem is being played and must not create any disruptions says Mumbaikars.

national-anthemMumbaikars strongly condemned the action of family of four members who refused to stand up while the national anthem was being played in the cinema hall at Kurla. Many of them took to social networking sites and criticised the family for disrespecting the national anthem. Netizens also asked why can’t people spare 52 seconds for the nation and display their patriotism. The family had visited PVR Mulitplex in Kurla for watching the Ranbir-Deepika starrer Tamasha movie. When the family remained seated while the national anthem was played it irked the audience as they asked them to leave the theatre. An angry man even threatened to slap them.

When AV spoke to Ashok Saxena, a Kandivali resident he said, “Since childhood teachers and parents have taught us to respect the national anthem. However, this family has shown disrespect to the national anthem. They could have displayed some patriotism for their motherland.”

Amit Barse, a media professional from Andheri said, “People should stand up while the national anthem is being played and should not create any disruptions. Strict action must be taken against the family members for disrespecting the national anthem.”

Rahul Deshmukh, a Borivali resident said, “It may sound like jingoism, but people should respect the National Anthem. Frankly, this family should be fined by the Courts.”

Pravin Seth, a Malad resident said, “Whatever it is they disrespected national anthem, but people do not have right/authority to behave like that with them or have no rights to remove them from theatre. People can complaint or but cannot be decision maker.”

Trendulkar @Trendulkar tweeted
“Why can’t you stand up for the National Anthem in theatres? Have some respect for UNESCO for voting it the best, 10 years in a row.”

Sumit Jain, a FY BSc student from Kandivali said, “What’s your problem? Can’t you spare 2 minutes for your country?”

“Wonder what kind of an impression would have been created on his children’s minds? For the rest of their lives they will only remember that they were kicked out of the theatre for disrespecting the national anthem” said Rishabh Singh a BPO employee from Andheri.

The video of this incident has already gone viral on social networking sites. The 2.40 minute video clip shows audience creating ruckus, while a few people questioning the family as to why they could not stand for the national anthem when they can sit for four hours to watch the movie.

Earlier the Madras High Court Bench had dismissed a public interest litigation (PIL) petition filed by an advocate seeking a ban on playing the national anthem in cinema halls since he witnessed that not many people in the theatres accord respect by standing to attention.

Justices R. Sudhakar and V.M. Velumani rejected the plea on the ground that the Union Home Ministry had made it clear on January 5 this year that the audience in cinema halls were not expected to stand up whenever the anthem was played as part of news reels and documentaries.

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