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Why should the government bear the medical expenses of the Rishabh Pant?

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Rishabh Pant was driving from Delhi to his home in Roorkee to surprise his mother and spend the New Year with his family. He was driving alone and while driving he dozed off and lost control of the car. He sustained injuries because his car crashed with the divider and caught fire. A Haryana Roadways bus driver was among the people who took cricketer Rishabh Pant out of the Mercedes SUV. This man acted swiftly to arrange for an ambulance and that is the reason Rishabh is safe today.

While the Mercedes SUV caught fire after the high-speed impact. The entire incident was caught on camera. He has sustained injuries to his head, knee and shin as a result of the accident. There could be a fracture in his leg and he is currently undergoing treatment at the Max Hospital in Dehradun. Thanks to the almighty, Rishabh is out of danger.

However, the state paying his medical expenses is ridiculous since firstly this is a case of careless driving (he dozed off, as per his own statement) and secondly, he is extremely well off thanks to the plump endorsements and IPL he can easily bear his own expenses. A small price for recklessness but a lesson for a lifetime? Why does the government want to pay for his medical expenses? Is he someone living below the poverty line and cannot pay for his medical costs?

Rishabh should decline the state sponsorship and pay from his own pocket. If a common man gets injured in an accident no one can render help. We should stop worshipping these stars (cricket, movie, serials etc). We are working to feed our family and these guys are playing to feed their family. They are making a lot more than the common man and they are wealthy enough to sustain their lifestyle after this expense. Contractual obligations are limited to paying whilst on duty or performing an act related to the contract. In this case, he was driving back home and not performing an act related to the contract, hence why should the BCCI pay? Well, the state paying is an act that taxpayers can always question.

People driving these cars at extreme speeds think that they will be protected due to the premium they can afford and that whatever happens to others, is not their concern. Which is the case most of the time, including this. There needs to be a separate punishment for rashly driving premium cars. They must be more careful when they get into public life. People are watching these young stars and idealizing them as their dream.

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Vaidehi Taman
Vaidehi Taman
Vaidehi an Accredited Journalist from Maharashtra is bestowed with three Honourary Doctorate in Journalism. Vaidehi has been an active journalist for past 16 years, and is also the founding editor of an English daily tabloid – Afternoon Voice, a Marathi web portal – Mumbai Manoos, monthly magazine Beyond The News, and The Democracy digital video news portal is her brain child. She is an EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, OSCP offensive securities, Certified Security Analyst and Licensed Penetration Tester that caters to her freelance jobs. Besides journalism, she is also an Ethical Hacker, Philanthropist, and Author.
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