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With The ‘Spirit’ – 33 Dry Days In The Year 2021

On these days, all the liquor shops are supposed to remain shut. With the increase in people who are addicted to alcohol, the week is observed to generate awareness to stop people from consuming liquor.

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dry day, alcohol, 2021, dry days in 2021, no alcohol, no smoking, alcohol banThe Year 2021 is arriving with 33 dry days. Dry Day is a particular day when the sales of alcohol are prohibited. This can be due to a government holiday or in a particular state it can be due to a festival or important event. There are two types of dry days. Many states in India observe Alcohol Prohibition days on particular occasions. In order to respect the sacred or nationalistic sentiments of the public, the government has declared some specific days as dry days. On these days, all the liquor shops are supposed to remain shut. With the increase in people who are addicted to alcohol, the week is observed to generate awareness to stop people from consuming liquor.

Suresh MistrySuresh Mistry, a retired officer says “Awareness for whom? Those who are not educated and doing labor work don’t care for any such days; they are well prepared for such days. They do physical labor, alcohol keeps them spirited, no one gives damn to dry days. It is fine if the government is making efforts to creating awareness, but one particular day is not enough for the same.”

The events are held by private and governmental organizations to create awareness and arrange seminars, debates, exhibitions that show the ill effects of drinking alcohol.

When we spoke to Lucky liquor shop owner in Goregaon he said, “Dry days are just in the calendar and for the government purpose, people are very smart. They fill their stock and enjoy their booze even on dry days. The shop might be closed for that particular day but there is always an advance sell.”

Vinay ManikamVinay Manikam an IT professional said, “Many times, the festival means vacation, we love spending that day with little booze and fun. Every day is a wet day for the people who keep the storage of liquor at home. Not necessarily everyone is alcohol addict but they having their collection is swag these days, such dry days hardly affect anyone.”

Keval DomadiaKeval Domadia, a Cyber Security Personnel said, “Dry days are actually remembrance days, which are supposed to make the citizens remember who paved the foundation of the country that we are living in today. I do not see the logic in banning alcohol consumption to remember someone”.

Anil Galgali“Minimum crowd and precautions this is the core of the Covid Free Country. Surely man loses his temper after consuming alcohol and He causes tragedy for another. One study found that alcohol is often the root cause of crime. Therefore, to declare such a day, the general opinion should also be taken and especially invite the opinion of women”, says Anil Galgali, RTI activist.

Ashwin ManeAshvin Mane, a businessman from Gujrat said, “There are no dry days as such, those who want liquor they know how to get it. In my state liquor floods every day. A dry day is just a term but lost its relevance long back. There is no point in having a dry day because people stock their booze a day prior, dry day is just namesake.”

Nikunj BavishiNikunj Bavishi chartered accountant said, “It’s a dry day, not a ban on consuming whisky at home, the beer guzzlers, wine lovers, and regular social drinkers get in full gear for their favorite booze at their favorite liquor dealers and have piled up enough stock. Rumors are that a few wine shops and bars make provisions for their loyal patrons to ensure the cash registers keep ringing through the dry spell.”

Dry days in 2021


January 14: Makar Sankranti
January 26: Republic Day
January 30: Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary, aka Shaheed Diwas


February 19: Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahavir Jayanti
February 27: Guru Nanak Jayanti


March 8: Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
March 11: Maha Shivratri
March 29: Holi


April 2: Good Friday
April 14: Ambedkar Jayanti
April 21: Ram Navami
April 25: Mahavir Jayanti


May 1: Maharashtra Day (Maharashtra)
May 12: Eid Ul Fitr (begins)
May 13: Eid Ul Fitr (ends)


Have a blast in June as there aren’t any dry days in this month.


July 20: Ashadi Ekadashi (Maharashtra)
July 24: Guru Purnima (Delhi, Maharashtra)


August 10: Muharram
August 15: Independence Day
August 30: Janmashtami


September 10: Ganesh Chaturthi
September 19: Anant Chaturdashi (Maharashtra)


October 2: Gandhi Jayanti
October 8: Prohibition Week (Maharashtra)
October 15: Dussehra
October 18: Eid-e-Milad
October 20: Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti


November 4: Diwali
November 14: Kartik Ekadashi
November 19: Guru Nanak Jayanti
November 24: Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day (Delhi, Punjab)


December 25: Christmas


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