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Woman, two daughters found dead in Delhi

On Saturday evening, a triple murder was reported from the Brahmapuri area in Delhi. A 50-year-old woman and her two daughters, aged 19 and 9, were found dead in their home in northeast Delhi.

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The victims have been identified as Saira, Mehrunissa (19) and Shabnam (9).

The murders were discovered after neighbours complained to the police of an intolerable stench emanating from the house, which was locked from inside.

The police are searching for a tenant who was living on the ground floor of the house.

“It seems to be a case of personal enmity but we are investigating all angles,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Ajit Kumar Singla said.

Bodies of the victims were found in different parts of the house. While Mehrunisha’s body was found in a bedroom on the first floor of the house, Shabnam’s body was in the bathroom. The killer had dragged Saira’s body and left it at the staircase near the terrace.

The house was in a disorganized state which suggests possibilities of a burglary that could have led to a scuffle between the victims and the killer. A case of murder has been registered at the New Usmanpur police station. The family owned the house and had rented out the ground floor.

Saira was reportedly embroiled in a property dispute with her husband’s (who had died two years ago) second family. He had reportedly re-married in 2011; the police said.

The family of three lived on the first floor of the house, while the ground floor was rented out. The tenant has reportedly been missing for the last four days.

The house was found locked from outside. There was no sign of forced entry.

There is a possibility of multiple attackers, the police said.

The police, who have launched an investigation into the matter, also checked CCTV footage and questioned relatives of the deceased.

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