Promote rain water harvesting


Prime Minister Narendra Modi always says the right things but he is unable to covert his thoughts into actions. A marketing expert has rightly said “he cannot consummate”. We must seek assistance from Israel for adopting correct irrigation techniques. Individual farmer cannot perform this task so it has to be organized with the help of the corporate, agricultural scientists and the local administration.

Rain water harvesting techniques must be demonstrated and taught at the village “panchayat” level. Development has to begin from the grassroots level. Our farmers are hard working, competent and require support. No one is paying attention to alarmingly rising population and indiscriminate urbanization. We are mindlessly creating concrete jungles in the city.

Plenty of water is wasted in semi urban areas and big water pipes keep on leaking for days together without any repairs. “Jal nigams” work in a bureaucratic fashion. Instead of wasting money on elections, we must install solar batteries and desalination plants. Abu Dhabi used to be a concrete jungle but plenty of greenery is visible on roads due to effective waste water recycling techniques. Foreign assistance is needed here also. Thus we need foreign help for undertaking several developmental works.

In the marine field, it is necessary to impart training to electrical technicians and skilled personnel for effectively handling increasing automation work. IDEMI at Sion is performing a laudable job and the shipping companies must send more staff for undergoing training.

Political parties must become responsible. RSS says that they will undertake brain storming sessions. What else have they been doing so far? I urged them to train one hundred electricians, expert welders and plumbers which require no brain storming. However, concrete and sincere action is required for this task which they woefully lack. When I visited Lucknow in December I noticed that the “jhulas” for kids were not functioning at Nehru Vatika where they have been holding morning “ shakas” for years.

The outfit seem to be more interested in calling Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to ask why she called Arvind Kejriwal a thief etc. Some BJP workers had complained to RSS leaders that they were ignored as Kiran Bedi was made the chief ministerial candidate. They could have instead invited “ sadhvis” and “ maharajas” and do some introspection and revive the BJP. They don’t have any clue about water and power problem faced by people. AAP should start working now instead of demanding full statehood for Delhi.