Monday, July 26, 2021
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2G scam acquittal is a mockery of our legal system!

The acquittal of all accused in the 2G scam is a Black Day in the history of our country’s legal system. Over one lakh pages of chargesheet was filed by the CBI and not even a small case of cheating could be established after 7 years of a trial, and it truly speaks bad about our legal system that acquits people who have the machinery to hire top legal brains where cases are twisted and turned to murder the truth. The Supreme Court had cancelled licenses of several companies and that means there was an evidence of a scam which suddenly has evaporated in thin air. Small accused for petty thefts are lying in our jails because they cannot hire lawyers and here we have a scam of lakhs of crores of rupees that has been shut for no evidence. It truly is a mockery of our legal system. “Khoda pahad aur chuha bhi nahi nikla” is the true idiom to describe today’s shocking judgement. Government should appeal against the Patiala House court order in the higher courts to punish the guilty! Else, citizens would lose hope from the legal system of our land!

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