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70 years of Independence and still unease?

Not only Muslims but Dalits and Tribals are also feeling insecure – Justice BG Kolse-Patil

Outgoing Vice President Hamid Ansari slammed the government indirectly stating that a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity is prevailing among the Muslims in the country. The second five-year term of Hamid Ansari ended recently. Ansari also said that he had discussed the issues of intolerance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet colleagues. Ansari also described the questioning of Indianness of citizens as a “disturbing thought.”

Afternoon Voice asked many readers to know whether they are really feeling insecure in modern India after 70 years of independence?

Gopal Shetty BJP MP said, “I wonder why Hamid Ansari has not realized this in last 10 years of his tenure that Muslims are as unease. Such statements from a responsible person like him was least expected, though the Muslims of this country will not buy his statements”

Wasim Khan a student said, “Many Muslims feel that something has changed in India over the last two years or so. And they worry that these changes, while skulking at first, will eventually transform the environment they live in forever.”

Justice BG Kolse- Patil, a former judge of Bombay High Court said, “I completely agree with Hamdi Ansari. Look how he has been criticised for speaking truth. BJP and its leaders never let go an opportunity to attack any Muslims. I can give you in writing, that undoubtedly RSS is the biggest enemy of India; we need to defeat the poisonous ideology of RSS on ideological level. They are the brain behind BJP, and right wing organizations that are on selective attacks on minorities, Dalits and Muslims.”


Rupal Mistry director of animations said, “Does this government only represent a section of Hindus? Our current vice president says these things to incite Hindu community and gather votes. What he is trying to say? He is still a BJP spokes person but not representing this nation?”

Rehmani Group president Jameer Khan said, “We have appealed in court for special helpline for Muslims. These days they are randomly attacked and killed. Such disasters are happening from past two years. This is what Muslims have to face in our own country after 70 years of independence.”

Praneeti Shinde Congress leader, “Yes there is a sense of insecurity, what Mr Hamid Ansari said is his personal view but today its divide and rule. This government has propagated hate against each other”

Veteran criminal lawyer Majeed Memon said, “Dozens of mob lynching cases that has occurred in the past three years is making citizens feeling secure. Such incidents have alarmed Muslim minorities and Dalits to be on guard against recurring attacks in the name of gau raksha. In this context what the outgoing president has said does have substantial truth.”

Ravindra Waikar, state minister for housing said, “There have been several Muslims in my constituency and they vote for me. Since Ansari was holding the post of vice president and it is not right for him to issue such statement after retirement.”

Anis Ahmed, NEC member of Popular Front stated, “The ideology of Hindutva, which is being taught in every Shakha of RSS, is the reason behind atrocities in the name of patriotism. The government should adopt secular values of our country and treat all citizens as equal”.

Chairman of Popular Front KM Shareef emphasized the current situation of the country. He stated, “The road to power for the BJP was made easy by the division and disunity among the secular parties. Since the BJP has come to power, it has openly unleashed its true agenda of hate. The silence of the government towards attacks on Muslims, minorities and Dalits confirms their hidden agenda.”

“If you think only RSS is hate monger than you are wrong, what about the Pandit Nehru and Congress party? They never did justice with Muslims, Dalits and Adivasi and other minorities,” said Waman Mishram, National President, BAAMCEF.

Ravi Nair, Director, SAHRDC said, “The ‘RSS is a group of rumourmongers and they can’t survive without rumourmongering. We should be prepared to send them back to Nagpur in 2019.Our intelligence agencies are controlled by RSS and it’s the need of the hour to make security agencies accountable to the parliament.”

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar said, “There were no takers for former Vice President Hamid Ansari’s recent “insecurity among Muslims” remark even within the community. I have one request to him (Ansari) and people like him who feel that Muslims are insecure, they should tell the name of the country where Muslims are secure and they should go and live in that nation where they feel secure”.

“Our ex-vice president already shared Muslims concern with our PM. RSS thinks PM needs their advice on this. Majority of RSS neither listens to our PM nor do follow what Bhagwad Gita or vedas says. Banning RSS is the solution to make India a secure place for all the people,” said avid reader Mansoor Shaikh.

Mr Ansari has raised a valid point, which needs to be responded logically in the context of recent vigilantism – not by running him down personally which is the only strategy that the organizations at the periphery and within the Government seem to be doing. And it is a pity that the current VP was also drawn into the slanging match. Mr Naidu should remember that he has resigned from the party – And now holds a constitutional post,” said social monk Rutuja Pandit.

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