Thursday, September 16, 2021
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A beacon of hope

Heartiest compliments to the ‘Afternoon Voice’ on the successful completion of nine years of eventful publishing. Vaidehi’s incisive write-ups on different topics certainly enliven the day’s proceedings and embolden the ordinary reader to tread the straight path in his quest for justice and the ultimate truth. Her candid exposition of facts and bold stance in calling a spade a spade certainly marks out this daily from other publications. For instance in the write-up ‘Thank you readers'(on May 1,2018), the following quotes – ‘we owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our citizens, we owe it to our country’ and ‘living a life with horse blinkers 24/7 seems to have become the way of living’ amply demonstrate your newspaper’s avowed goal and commitment for portraying the stark ground realities without any bias.

How I wish this newspaper also had a national edition, being published from the capital? On this day when ‘Afternoon Voice’ accomplished its 9th successful year, my salutations to the entire team in the office, who have made ‘Afternoon Voice’ a sheer reading delight.

Amit Banerjee

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