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A different take on religion-Part II

Literary theory taught me something very interesting. One of the theorists propagated that what was real resided in the realm of ideas. For example, the concept of beauty was real as it was an undying ides whereas our perception of objects which are beautiful changes with time. So should we say that humans need to evolve to understand the concept of formless god? If god is formless, then what is god? Many world famous philosophers explain that human beings are made of positive and negative energy, to equate it with science. Energy can never be created or destroyed. Evolution of mind is when we are pulled to a new plane of positive energy of a higher magnitude. So for a positive energy of a certain magnitude, there is a negative energy of an equal magnitude to counter it? Does this mean there is also Satan? Quite possible, isn’t it?

All religion preach the greatness of human beings. Buddha told people not what the mind was, but what the mind was not. People believe he did so as the human mind comprehends greatness as something beyond human reach, which can be attained only by people like Buddha. Buddha tried to explain to them that there was nothing great in attaining the state he did and that it was possible by all human beings. Many spiritual gurus preach that above the realm of happiness and sadness is the realm of absolute peace. Let me introduce you to a beautiful story by Paulo Coelho in this context. His book, ’Eleven Minutes’ talks about a prostitute and how she attains a state of mind which human gurus would term as salvation through her love affair with a painter. The book starts with a quote from the Bible,’ I am the prostitute and the virgin…. Love me for who I am’ , for I am the ‘sinner’ and the ‘magnificient one.’ Who would think that a profession that most Indians despise can lead someone to attain a state of spiritual upliftment? In the text, while she was in a relationship with the painter, she had developed tendencies to seek pleasure out of pain through performing sex with her partner. Her lover wanted to save her. He took her to a beach and made her walk on the shore barefoot. She walked and felt immense pain due to stones piercing her feet. She continued walking. After sometime, she reached a state when her feet became numb and she felt no pain. Although the incident may sound romantic, but the event deserves to be pondered upon.

Ayn Rand too preaches the greatness of human beings. Her concept of a temple is that which has its door and ceiling not above the height of a human being. Thus while standing in front of the deity, the man will feel great and above god. This does not mean he does negative things. He draws his strength from himself. He is constantly trying to compete with himself and not others. Thus he is inherently selfish and he does things to satisfy his ego.

These were various articles thrown across to you leaders to give you a different version of the concept of man and god. I might agree or disagree with what is written but it surely gives food for thought.

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