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A security threat riding the two-wheeler

The two-wheeler without petrol! An engine based vehicle like a bicycle! A two-wheeler in the hands of all the people! These were the notions which were emerged during the introduction of electric
two-wheelers. The manufacturers promised of an emergence of a developed cycle with engine in the form of electric two-wheeler. But, is the vehicle really people friendly? The vehicle in a way has brought a security threat along with its marketing. The vehicle does not need any licensing and documents which leads to a number of security problems for the country. The minors who are not qualified to be issued a driving license are riding this vehicle with immaturity which is causing huge accidents.

Moreover, the vehicle is based on the electric battery which can switch off at any time because of low charging. Such sudden shut downs of these vehicles are increasing traffic jams in the metropolitan
cities. Moreover, the country is facing a severe crisis of scarcity of electricity due to low rain and water storing facilities which has also reduced the production of electricity. The government is
striving hard even to provide consumer electricity and is regularly increasing the load shedding and power cuts. Then, is it reallypossible to meet the demand of such commercial electricity if the
sector is electrified?

The most severe consequence of these vehicles is about the surge in crimes. Triple riding has become most common among these vehicles which is a violation of the traffic rule. It is further helping the
activities of the gangsters who ride in numerously engaging in the criminal activities like murders, chain snatching etc. The recentterrorist attacks witnessed the fixing of bombs in the cycles which
will surely perpetuate soon to these vehicles, as they are of high speed and easily mobile. Moreover, these vehicles can be easily drivenwithout much energy at good speed from place to place, which helps the criminals for a fast escape.

The vehicle has become a boon for the criminals, as the riders even do not need any licensing or address proof. The police and security providers cannot even trace these vehicles, as they do not
include even a number plate. Though it is called as an advanced cycle, the vehicle includes the engine which separates it from the group of cycle. Moreover, the rider need not even to peddle or use strength to ride this vehicle. It acts so naturally as similar as a Scooty run through petrol. Inspite of these disadvantages, a question arises that, is the government sleeping?

Certainly yes, a separate department RTO is working as the regulating controller of the vehicles and their registrations. Why is the RTO not monitoring these vehicles? Nowadays, these electric
vehicles are outnumbered throughout the country, as they are easily accessed, purchased and utilized. But also, the department seems least concerned about these vehicles. Moreover, the vehicles can be even
brought by a non Indian without any restrictions as no documentation is required. India as a third world country facing a severecrisis of criminal activities like smuggling, terrorism, murders etc
which can be carried out with an easiest mobility through the usage of these vehicles. Why is the government overlooking the security trouble?

The country is witnessing a simultaneous and consistent terrorist attacks from the last decade, among which the terrorists are using an intelligent method of being inside the country as commons and
fulfilling their brutal aims. These vehicles though seem so simple are helping such activities for an easy travel and mobility through out the country without any permit or licensing. At least the government and the RTO department must wake up now before the disaster takes place by providing a license facility to the electric vehicles and keeping records of the riders of these vehicles with the details of their exact address and identity proofs akin to other two-wheelers. A strict rule must be framed pertaining to the age limit of the riders also. Because, it is better to make prevention before
the occurrence of destruction.

Pramesh Jain

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