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AaBRA Ka DaBRA Swami Om

How could a person like Swami Om who claims to be the custodian of morality indulge in such cheap acts asks netizens.

Former Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om has once again created controversy after a video of him teaching yoga to a topless girl has gone viral on internet. In the other video, Swami was seen getting a lap dance with the woman. Netizens has criticised Swami and said how could a person like him who claims to be the custodian of morality indulge in such acts. Many people were shocked to see the viral video of Swami Om. According to them, Swami is only trying to gain popularity through these acts. Of late, Swami had undergone a massive transformation by shaving off his beard, chopping his tresses and removing his moustache. According to sources, Swami is likely to participate in a forthcoming dance reality show and is trying to garner some publicity ahead of it. Earlier he was ousted from the reality show Bigg Boss for throwing tantrums and causing trouble to other co-participants. This was the first instance when two participants were shown the door without nomination.

When AV spoke to Aman Singh he said, “From Aasaram Bapu to Swami Om, are blot on sainthood, they are not only maligning Hindutva, but the humanity too. Such crooks should be punished and shamed.”

“Swami Om, who along with his associate is accused of molesting and threatening a woman. He is fraudster and has been caught several times for cheating many women. The lady featured in the video hails from shady background. This whole act is done for gaining cheap publicity. Baba is not only brainless but also buffoon. He should be punished,” said Bhargva Srivastava.

“The irony is that such babas have no fear and resort to any means to earn name and fame. It is sad to see our political heads using such “Saints” to promote and endorse their “Hindutva” beliefs. These saints further use symbiotic associations to boost their self-proclaimed sainthood and get away with most cheap activities. Not to mention that they are supported by news channels whose owners themselves are accused for rape and abusing women,” said Rupal Mistry, animation director.

“Rather these are the moments when we need to see our government show proactive vigilance and take strong stand and action against India’s “dhongi” babas as they are always on the forefront for other nefarious activities,” she added.

According to sources from baba’s office, “He had tried to lure girls on the pretext of making them famous so that they will get a role in reality show. He said that to gain popularity one has to indulge in vulgar acts. The girl is a small time model from Delhi and she had done modelling assignments. Later she worked as a dancer in a night club and then she went on to become a call girl.”

He also had threatened to break Salman Khan’s bones and later was ousted from the show. Salman had earlier asked Priyanka Jagga to leave the show later on Swami was asked to quit the show. He was the most controversial participant of Bigg Boss 10. Many television channels had made allegations against Swami Om. However one of them had come forward to defend him that he is innocent.

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