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About 40% Indians get their hair done before beach vacation

A 40 per cent of Indians, the highest for any country, prefer getting their hair done before going on a beach vacation followed by Italians and the Dutch, according to a report.

While Italy with 28 per cent and the Netherlands with 27 per cent ranked second and third, respectively, on the list, travellers from Japan (8 per cent), Singapore and Denmark (both 10 per cent) are least likely to get their hair done before going on a beach vacation.

Indians (43 per cent) also prefer to go for spa treatments before going on a beach vacation, workout (44 per cent), tanning (30 per cent) and buying a new bathing suit (62 per cent), according to Expedias 2016 Flip Flop report, an analysis of behaviour and preferences among beach-goers in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and South America.

The survey was conducted online from April 6-21 among 11,155 adults aged 18 years of age and older, across 24 countries and done by consulting firm Northstar.

Indians (24 per cent) rank second after Thailand (25 per cent) in saying they would use a WiFi connection at the beach to stay connected to work or check work email, it said.

Indians also consider travel time to destination (45 per cent), availability of kid friendly resorts and activities (48 per cent) important while planning where to take a beach vacation.

A family-friendly resort (32 per cent) or an eco-friendly resort (16 per cent) is the type of accommodation Indians would be most likely to stay at if they took a beach vacation in the next 12 months, the report said.

“The survey has given us some interesting facts about Indians and their preferences for a beach vacation. According to the survey, India (81 per cent) stands second in taking a beach vacation last year. Thailand (82 per cent) ranks first and Italy (79 per cent) third,” Expedia Marketing Head, India, Manmeet Ahluwalia said.

He said, similar to their global counterparts, Indians also consider cleanliness of beaches (73 per cent) and safety of beaches (68 per cent) as being most important when choosing a beach vacation.

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