Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Absence of role models

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People have started realizing that the ultimate goal of politicians is to gain power and find incessant visibility (publicity) on television. Nothing else matters for them. When you open the front page of a prominent news paper you find a gentleman in his seventies striding on wearing designer suit and carrying several shopping bags. If this is the case then what do you expect from young children? What will they want to possess?

Political parties will use various tactics like the one adopted by AAP for coming to power. They performed a good job in mobilizing the mob for their personal gain and they chose such a name for the party that it is very difficult for any one to dissociate from this description. Can any one say, I am not an “aam aadmi”. These two aspects have stumped all political parties. If you call “main” you are an egoist but if you call “hum”, you are a pluralist. How simplistic it has become.

It has been repeatedly said that the need of the hour is to uplift the citizenry. “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” has become a role model for young and the old. I have noticed that several persons have started running in the park. Modi is seen as a role model and working for the welfare of the state without amassing personal wealth. People voted for AAP for similar reason but they are not as “tyagi” as Modi and hence got exposed very soon. Delhi’s Law Minister Somnath Bharti has time to fly kites but not to appear before the Women Commission.

I should somehow get a government job or become an MP or MLA and start earning money and get my pictures aired on television daily. I must not lose any minute in pursuing such a goal and that is why AAP was trying to lose no time in fooling people all the time. What is the Lieutenant Governor doing? He should dismiss the AAP government for violating the law. Don’t you have any other better person to become the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi? No army man and no police officer is suitable? Congress is to be blamed for this and hence they will receive very severe drubbing in the coming Lok Sabha election. Rakhi Sawant is right in calling Kejriwal an item boy. He is fortunate to have received such a good mandate from people and should be silently working for betterment of Delhi residents. If Kejriwal does not mend his ways fast, the AAP government should be dismissed and he and Somnath Bharti be prosecuted. Media must not give too much publicity to AAP activists like Gopal Rai, who was ousted by Anna. TV channels have great responsibility to educate the masses and not merely act as news disseminators.

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