Friday, August 6, 2021
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Why is ‘achhe din’ a distant dream?

Markets would have crashed if BJP would have lost in Gujarat but Modi magic still is intact as Prime Minister was responsible for his party’s win though they failed to reach the psychological three figure mark. A close contest means that BJP, the party in power, also at the centre, cannot afford to be arrogant from here on and will have to address multiple difficulties faced by the citizens at the ground levels like inflation, unemployment and price rise.

Prime Minister Modi’s popularity may have take a small dent due to demonetisation, GST and other teething problems that the business community is facing at the moment but his charisma still works magic and the opposition would find it extremely difficult to displace him in the 2019 Parliamentary elections. However, the ‘achhe din’ promised by Modi in 2014 still remains a distant dream. The honeymoon period for Modi now seems almost over and the Prime Minister will now have to deliver in the coming years to retain power in the coming elections! Congress down and out at the moment but it is very dangerous to write off anybody in politics, more so when it is a party that has ruled the country maximum terms since independence!

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